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Building my first PC! $5000+ Gaming PC Build (AD)

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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 08.
  • GeminiTay is building a high-end gaming PC for the very first time! Here's the vlog!
    Thanks MSI for these free products!
    MSI GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING X TRIO 24G
    MSI MEG Ai1300P PCIE5
    MSI SPATIUM M570 PCIe 5.0 NVMe M.2 2TB HS
    Other parts:
    CPU: Intel i9 13900k
    Case: Corsair iCue 7000x RGB Full tower
    64GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM
    Old 4tb hard drives, not seen in video, from my other computer :)
    ✨Follow me!
    Twitch: / geminitay
    Twitter: / geminitaymc
    Insta: / geminitay
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  • @Splinta2010
    @Splinta2010 2 개월 전 +1095

    As a PC builder for over 20 years Gem, I want to congratulate you on you're build 😊 You did an exceptional job.

    • @fawn2911
      @fawn2911 2 개월 전 +21


    • @warbringer11128
      @warbringer11128 2 개월 전 +15

      facts and for a first time build her cable management wasnt terrible. hell its batter than mine in my build😂😂

    • @BlueBanana.
      @BlueBanana. 2 개월 전 +17

      @@fawn2911 doesn’t matter, you know what they meant

    • @scampi169
      @scampi169 2 개월 전 +8

      Way better than average. She actually paid attention to all the steps and even showed peeling the protective film from the cooler.
      Awesome job for a first build.

  • @amshermansen
    @amshermansen 2 개월 전 +465

    You did amazing - None of the "mistakes" you made are anything seasoned builders wouldn't do by accident on occasion. (Though I'd definitely get that fan wire that clipped into the top fan on the first power on sorted asap)
    One thing you could do is take the glass side panel down to a printer, and have them apply some decorative vinyl art on it. You can get material that looks like it's been etched into the glass that looks gorgeous when lit up. :)

    • @rowanrooks
      @rowanrooks 2 개월 전 +4

      Ooh... decorative vinyl is a good tip. It would definitely help make a build feel more personalized. I think I need to go see if I can find something that looks like stained glass

  • @mrstiffanypalmer
    @mrstiffanypalmer 2 개월 전 +22

    As a mum... THANK YOU! My son got to see someone working and trying and not focusing on being all that. You inspired him to try and do and learn as you go a bit. You are all kinds of amazing. You help kids to know it okay to not have it "all-together" before you try and that mistakes are okay . Side note you also did very well building your PC (lesson for son: it can still work out when you try). Thank you for being an example to the kids around the world.

  • @MazzyGamerGG
    @MazzyGamerGG 2 개월 전 +795

    Builder in Minecraft, A builder in real life ❤

    • @cheesebiscuits6323
      @cheesebiscuits6323 2 개월 전 +27

      There’s even Lego in the background, a true builder of things

    • @oofoof5631
      @oofoof5631 2 개월 전 +14

      Someones going to find her on a construction site

    • @hackingmathclass
      @hackingmathclass 2 개월 전 +9

      I know! She should have given it some kind of medieval roof. Maybe Nerdforge should get involved.

    • @MazzyGamerGG
      @MazzyGamerGG 2 개월 전 +2

      Woah this got many likes

    • @sulx911
      @sulx911 2 개월 전 +1

      700th like 😅

  • @Nomulos
    @Nomulos 2 개월 전 +85

    Awesome build! I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but the 4090 12 pin cable has been somewhat infamous the past year for being a potential fire hazard (the worst I've seen is some melted plastic). It should be fine as long as you make sure it's fully plugged in without being twisted too much to either side (as long as you can't see any of the pins on the cable, you'll be fine).
    Overall you're probably unlikely to be affected but it might be worth watching a video or 2 just to make sure!

    • @Kirmeins
      @Kirmeins 2 개월 전 +7

      Thank you for pointing that out! My boss got a new 4090 just last week for AI training. None of us had a lot of experience building PCs (read: almost none). It's working fine, but I'm definitly going to check that cable again! :)

    • @Retroxyl
      @Retroxyl 개월 전 +1

      @@Kirmeins There are 90 degree adapters that should prevent the pins from being pulled out and therefore the connector melting entirely. CableMod makes a very good and pretty one. It is also not as expensive as other CableMod products tend to be.

  • @dianagung8071
    @dianagung8071 2 개월 전 +624

    *insert "Impulse will watch gem build a PC" sign

  • @crazytiger6
    @crazytiger6 2 개월 전 +327

    This was actually surprisingly fun to watch!
    I didn’t realize the true scale of that pc case until you set the monitor next to it

  • @MrDontaco
    @MrDontaco 2 개월 전 +107

    Awesome job at building your new PC. As someone who only builds one every few years, the biggest thing I always forget and want to let you know is to make sure you turn on the XMP profile in your BIOS to get the most out of your RAM. On most boards its off by default and throttles the RAM speeds.

    • @xanpagebrown
      @xanpagebrown 2 개월 전 +5

      I second this! Especially important as she's using DDR5 ram which is likely capable of running at 6000MHz looking at the packaging but by default would likely only be running at maybe 3000MHz? (I'm not too familiar with the non-xmp speed of DDR5 RAM as I haven't got any experience with it)

    • @nikk-named
      @nikk-named 2 개월 전 +16

      As someone who has no idea about PCs, you speak funny words magic man (or however that sentence went)

    • @xanpagebrown
      @xanpagebrown 2 개월 전 +4

      @@nikk-named I like your funny words magic man 😂, basically pc faster when XMP is turned on

    • @nikk-named
      @nikk-named 2 개월 전 +2

      @@xanpagebrown (with crying eyes): what's an XMP!? •,~•,

    • @MrDontaco
      @MrDontaco 2 개월 전 +2

      @nikk-named it's short for Extreme Memory Profile.

  • @fireferet8819
    @fireferet8819 2 개월 전 +44

    Excellent! Keeping the GPU in its silver bag was a great idea, that protects it from static. In the future, if you're worried about static, there are little wristbands you can buy that either plug into the wall, or clip to the case to add some security. Love PC part picker. Well done!

    • @dziooooo
      @dziooooo 2 개월 전 +2

      I didn't have that when building my PC, so I resorted to running around without socks on and occasionally hugging the radiator to ground myself XD

  • @urilgal
    @urilgal 2 개월 전 +272

    You did a great job. The fact you started on the motherboard box shows you did great research 🙂 Also static isn't too dangerous now. High end conponents especially have protections in place. You would've need ALOT of static and ALOT of bad luck for something to happens.

    • @DIYToPen
      @DIYToPen 2 개월 전 +24

      Don't encourage people to ignore static. There's no guarantee that a CPU could survive a shock of 10kV+. And I have never seen a CPU advertised as being immune to electric shock. Putting a protection circuit is a waste of die space. Prove me wrong... I haven't upgraded my pc significantly in 5 years.

    • @imthestighonest3437
      @imthestighonest3437 2 개월 전 +5

      Ive watched with horror as a little blue spark went from my finger to a now fried CPU. Even with protection a $2 esd wrist strap is always cheaper than replacing the nice new cpu you just bought

    • @urilgal
      @urilgal 2 개월 전 +8

      @@DIYToPen I think watching Electroboom and LTT video where they stress test a bunch of electronics is a great exemple of how bad things need to go to have a problem. I've seen wild claims like not wearing socks because they could fry some conponents.
      Don't touch the contacts and touch the case/psu box to discharge your static if you have some and you should be fine.

    • @TipperProject
      @TipperProject 2 개월 전 +2

      True about the static but always better to be safe

    • @CapObv
      @CapObv 2 개월 전 +2

      ALWAYS discharge any static you may have built up before touching the components.

  • @gnome_friend5281
    @gnome_friend5281 2 개월 전 +30

    Gem is great! You're one of the only people who could make a video like this enjoyable rather than anxiety-inducing for me; your voice and attitude are so calming.

  • @Grizzlygnomes
    @Grizzlygnomes 2 개월 전 +59

    Great work Gem :) 1st PC is always the scariest but knowing how to fix and replace parts is worth the trouble and the next one you build will be even more satisfying.

  • @peterheinrichs7634
    @peterheinrichs7634 2 개월 전 +74

    This build was such a relaxing, chilling and satusfying thing to watch!

  • @michalberanek2783
    @michalberanek2783 2 개월 전 +3

    You deserve a round of applause for how gently and gracefully you handled everything
    But seeing that motherboard, …I'm just glad you didn't have to pay for it.

  • @YesItsTyler
    @YesItsTyler 2 개월 전 +18

    Gem, you did a fantastic job building the PC, especially for someone that hasn't done it before. Super fun video to watch, MSI is amazing as well, I use a lot of their products myself! Can't wait to see more streams and videos recorded from this PC!

    • @YesItsTyler
      @YesItsTyler 2 개월 전

      Omg I've been a member almost a year now too! xD

  • @schembrichild8265
    @schembrichild8265 2 개월 전 +35

    Gem this is amazing! So proud of how far you have come and how lucky you are to get free parts :)!!

  • @chloeeeezy
    @chloeeeezy 2 개월 전 +21

    You're always utterly adorable in every video but this one was especially precious! You did a fantastic job. I'm very impressed & inspired to build my own PC. Also, just want to mention that I appreciate your manicure. Your hands were looking READY for their close-up shots! 💅

  • @areksoo
    @areksoo 2 개월 전 +16

    Good job on the build! Just some a small tip for next time: A lot of the parts of the case are removeable. You can strip it all down to the chassis if you wanted to. It looked like the doors were bothersome while you were building.

  • @zachbrunstrup8231
    @zachbrunstrup8231 2 개월 전 +28

    I never knew how PC's were built, this is so cool!❤

  • @rowanrooks
    @rowanrooks 2 개월 전 +1

    You did great for your first solo PC build! You'll even be able to continue to customize it later on, but you won't need to upgrade anytime soon. This machine is a beast.
    Also, anyone who scoffs at needing a powerful PC for Minecraft doesn't know what Minecraft is capable of. :P
    Sure, a tiny vanilla survival world might be fine, but modded SMPs, huge servers with complex redstone stuff, and beautiful shaders all require a lot of power.

  • @Sarato
    @Sarato 개월 전 +1

    I'm glad to see you reached BIOS on the first try. That's always the scariest part of building a new computer. Looks great! Awesome!

  • @74656trekkie
    @74656trekkie 2 개월 전 +7

    Gem, you did a great job. I really like it that you tried it yourself even without any previous knowledge. And the way you put this video together - I really like it. No real cringe moments at all (maybe a little bit at the wiring :D). It was fun to watch and a great video to encourage others to build their own machines.

  • @xPyroxx
    @xPyroxx 2 개월 전 +7

    Solid 10/10 effort there! Don't worry about the cables, trying to make fan cables look tidy is like trying to throw a dart in a dart board, with your eyes shut, with a wall between you and the board. Everything else, spot on. Well done on the ram sticks going in the correct slots for dual channel memory, that's usually a tripping point. 100/10 for the asmr peel on the motherboard too.

  • @fighterhunter2154
    @fighterhunter2154 2 개월 전

    Awesome video Gem! I haven't really been keeping up to speed with gaming tech, and it caught me a little off guard to see how small some of the extremely advanced parts were, especially the CPU. Just goes to show how fast tech is progressing!! Hope everyone is having a great day :D

    • @Orion_44
      @Orion_44 2 개월 전

      The CPU is actually about the same size, everything else has gotten massive

  • @pelculator
    @pelculator 2 개월 전 +3

    GEM IS GREAT! You are amazing, funny, talented! Don't let anyone tell you down for "just playing minecraft". They have no idea how AWESOME you are. Keep up the good work, enjoy your new computer and I wish you hours and hours of fun in Decked Out :)

  • @ShadowMech
    @ShadowMech 2 개월 전 +1

    I built 3 of my own PC's and each time it was still a scary process but very enjoyable! You did a fantastic job!

  • @mintycheddar3854
    @mintycheddar3854 2 개월 전 +5

    Congratulations, Gem! This took me back to the few times I've built my own desktop PC's. I felt all the anxiety and terror over again, and all the joy and excitement seeing it work in the end. I hope you and your PC have many happy years together!

  • @HeilTec
    @HeilTec 2 개월 전 +8

    PC building is a bit more complicated than LEGO, and yet even simpler.
    Having the right parts makes it fairly obvious what goes where since most connectors and sockets are coded to fit only the right place.
    Still plenty of room for mistakes. Great job getting it right first time (except for the cable adjustments) - the apple has not fallen far from the tree trunk.
    Good luck with that monster PC.

  • @syndahra
    @syndahra 2 개월 전 +12

    Gem, you never cease to amaze me. Excellent build!

  • @JayDeeMac
    @JayDeeMac 2 개월 전 +8

    Great job Gem. Hoping we can now get loads of Minecraft/Hermitcraft videos from you. Can never have enough GeminiTay!

  • @TheUnknownFactor
    @TheUnknownFactor 2 개월 전 +22

    I am honestly impressed you managed to get shots of you plugging in some of the cables where... honestly, even without a camera it's hard to reach some places and plug in the cables. Also, the cables _behind_ the motherboard being a mess is completely fine.

  • @andrewhyderdrew2547

    As an IT technician, I am proud of you for a first build! Congrats on the new PC!

  • @dragonlover4297
    @dragonlover4297 2 개월 전 +7

    I love the fact that Gem is almost always wearing a hat in her videos! It’s so cute ❤
    Also, if you see this Gem congrats on building the PC!! I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start. 🤣

    • @GeminiTayMC
      @GeminiTayMC  2 개월 전 +5

      Thank you!!!
      Hat helps the curly hair, I started each day without and then as my hair got more insane I threw on a hat 😂

    • @jjsanimations
      @jjsanimations 개월 전

      I must agree even though it feels awkward, the beanie is adorable 😂

  • @th3noobz566
    @th3noobz566 2 개월 전 +10

    Good to see a new PC Builder enjoying their journey through building their First PC. Always daunting at first but I can say with experience and knowledge comes greater rewards in knowing you can accomplish something that not all have the capacity to do.

  • @LoA1989
    @LoA1989 2 개월 전 +1

    Hello GeminiTay :)
    Congratulations on your new PC! You did absolutely amazing! Looks so good. ^_^
    I just want to say: Make sure the cable to the GPU isn't bending or pulling too much in the connection.
    The 4000 series has a tendency to burn out the cable input, if the bend on the cable is too big, or the cable isn't seated all the way in.
    I know this is somewhat backseating, and I apologies for that :)
    I look forward to much more content, and I can't wait to see you play Tango's Decked out! ^_^

  • @TheDertyFerd
    @TheDertyFerd 2 개월 전 +5

    Congrats on the new pc. I chuckled when you compared it to Lego. That what I tell my friends it like. Nowadays, it's just really expensive lego. You did so many thing properly building it I was actually quite impressed. Great job and enjoy that new PC!

  • @chris404
    @chris404 2 개월 전 +1

    Listen Gem, it's okay! Anyone who plays Minecraft, ESPECIALLY modded Minecraft knows that you need a pretty decent PC in order to run it smoothly. No shame in going "overboard" because who knows how crazy the game will be even two years from now! Congrats on getting the build together! 🥳

  • @offthehookwithnia
    @offthehookwithnia 2 개월 전

    This was truly fascinating to watch! I really enjoyed getting to see your space and setup. I don’t know why but it always interests me to see that from KRcliprs. Thanks so much for sharing,❤

  • @Outist
    @Outist 2 개월 전 +17

    I thoroughly enjoyed the build, and you've done an excellent job! Congratulations on your brand-new gaming PC. ❤

  • @CurrentlyVince
    @CurrentlyVince 2 개월 전 +1

    Congrats -- it looks like you did great! The box booted up on the first try and most importantly, nothing caught on fire. (Hint: Quality power supplies are worth the money! LOL)

  • @theblindspot985
    @theblindspot985 2 개월 전

    I just built my first PC over the summer and my hands were shaking as I put together all the parts I'd spent all that money on together. Its very rewarding to see it all working when its all done. Great job!

  • @AxeCommunity_0
    @AxeCommunity_0 2 개월 전 +53

    Nice pc love your builds 👍🏼

  • @wizarduss
    @wizarduss 2 개월 전

    Just one tip to make things a bit easier next time, you can generally lift off the side panels after opening them. That makes working in the case a lot easier as its not just hanging there

  • @TheBombaySadboy
    @TheBombaySadboy 2 개월 전

    I could watch you build desktops or ikea furniture all day, you are aesthetically pleasing to have on. Thank you for your time and efforts Gem!

  • @thethrowaway
    @thethrowaway 2 개월 전 +1

    Firstly, I want to say that I've built PCs for over 10 years and, for a first-timer, you did great. You avoided some things that first-timers do (most people would try to wire everything up after installing the CPU cooler and/or GPU, which just makes things a bit more of a pain). Overall, I'm impressed.
    Now, I don't tend to comment or even log in to KRclip, but I've watched you for years (admittedly logged out of KRclip) and wanted to give one suggestion: To check that the Graphics Card power cable is fully plugged into the 4090, and that you don't put much strain on the plug with your cable routing. Even if it looks plugged in, make sure the securing tab is fully locked. You may have done that off camera, but I wanted to comment in case you haven't since it can cause some fairly expensive issues down the road (not to alarm or scare you, like I said you did a good job on everything shown).

  • @Bobbzorzen
    @Bobbzorzen 2 개월 전 +1

    As a person who's built their own pc's for about 25 years i gotta say, i'm impressed! I don't think i could've done a better job! Congrats on the awesome PC!

  • @chrisashwin8548
    @chrisashwin8548 2 개월 전

    Can I just say how humble you are, it's so refreshing to see an "influencer" that is open and transparent about being given free stuff. Also the fact that you feel you need to justify such an expensive build. Enjoy it, you earned it ❤

  • @jaymac1355
    @jaymac1355 2 개월 전 +4

    Good on ya..
    They can seem daunting, but once you've built one or two, you'll be able to build them in your sleep.
    Making a clone (system disk image) & using the old OS can save time..
    Case looks bling bling

    • @GSBarlev
      @GSBarlev 2 개월 전 +1

      Lukewarm take: a fresh install (with your old OS and software settings accessible on a backup drive) gives you a great chance to _kon mari_ your software setup.
      Given how fast it is to download and install software these days, you end up with a much cleaner system just installing what you need, right before you need it, rather than carrying around random software you installed six years ago that you haven't used since.
      Also: I'm a firm believer that your documents (and videos, music, etc.) should *never* be on the same partition as your OS (and anything important should be backed up using 3-2-1).

  • @samburgess6899
    @samburgess6899 개월 전

    As a technical engineer and someone who has built hundreds of PC's you did very very well for your first go. Well done. Great Job

  • @bevonargo1285
    @bevonargo1285 2 개월 전

    Content like this can get pretty boring quickly, but Gem manages to make it feel more entertaining for the viewer. Great work Gem! I think you would make a great asmrist xD

  • @davidholland6164
    @davidholland6164 2 개월 전

    Good job Gem on this first pc build! One thing to note, the i9-13900Ks do get very hot and are hard to cool. So you might see a bit of throttling

  • @ladydragon3648
    @ladydragon3648 2 개월 전 +5

    I love getting to see you making your new PC. It is great that you can put it together like that. Great job. I love getting to see you in both Minecraft & love your builds & seeing you on Stardew Valley. It is thanks to you that I am playing Stardew Valley. I hope to see you also play Stardew Expanded some day to. I just wish that when I added the Expanded it had not changed the first worlds I had. I was crazy at first. I have got a new PC this year to only not as grand as your new one is. My grand son told me when I was going to get it that I should get the same gaming PC he has & I did. lol Good luck with using your new PC. & I pray it works great for you. & By the way Nice hair color. It looks great on you. You look great.

  • @Jessman2k
    @Jessman2k 2 개월 전 +1

    You have so much respect from me for undertaking this. I'm a technician who has built a couple of PCs and your hard work is really heart warming. Absolutely made me smile. Good job dudette!

  • @tres3354
    @tres3354 2 개월 전 +12

    I love how Gem is careful about putting every part of the pc lol

  • @chris2thejmedia
    @chris2thejmedia 2 개월 전

    Great job Gem! I remember the first time I learned how to "build" a PC and it was on a small case with older parts for a class in highschool here in the states 😂 I plan on doing my own build or two in the future for work and gaming when the time comes myself, but I always enjoy others going through sourcing the parts and making the end product

  • @SakuraRyokoMusic
    @SakuraRyokoMusic 2 개월 전

    Good job Gem! I just built a PC a few months ago with very similar specs, but I have many more Hard Drives (3 NVMe SSD, and 3 SATA Drives). Also, the part that is the most confusing is all of those new "RGB" wires and Fan Controllers... Really confusing stuff, even though I've been building my own computers for like 30 years, most of the rest of the process is much simpler than it used to be, and a lot less injuries with the old sharp metal edges. That is a nice looking desk though Gem; I wish I was able to have that much space for my Studio / Gaming PC also! All good though! Congrats!

  • @Thorinox
    @Thorinox 2 개월 전 +1

    One of the biggest things I like about you, is you are so calm about things. It is an absolute joy to watch a video from you, regardless of what it is.

  • @bartender_billy6229
    @bartender_billy6229 2 개월 전

    Honestly Gem, you did an excellent job on building the PC! I can’t think of anything I would’ve done differently. Congrats on the huge upgrade!

  • @orpheusqq8861
    @orpheusqq8861 2 개월 전 +1

    Pc building is super easy (for a huge nerd like me) but it can be really daunting at first. Good job for coming through and successfully building your first pc! AMAZING job Gem! Also Very nice parts choice.

  • @claudiokoehler8095
    @claudiokoehler8095 2 개월 전 +4

    So fun to watch! thx for being real! And you are not alone with ur cablemanagement

  • @hellsterp1893
    @hellsterp1893 2 개월 전

    Nice work :) As someone else who has built their own PC's for many years, you did a really good job, and they just get easier every time.
    Sure it's daunting the first time, but when you actually do it it's not that hard to do, just take your time, check the manual or youtube if you get stuck etc, congrats.

  • @Holmesy87
    @Holmesy87 2 개월 전 +2

    Gem: Max settings, 4k.
    Me, watching this at 480p on a phone screen: Yeah, looks great 😂
    Great work, she's a beauty 😊

  • @minikretz1
    @minikretz1 13 일 전

    Awesome job! You did great and I can't believe that was your first time building a PC! Also your cable management was great, it would take a lot more work just to make it a little better.

  • @sebastianjost
    @sebastianjost 2 개월 전 +1

    I love these non-minecraft videos too! You did a fantastic job.
    The most surprising thing for me was that you use just two monitors, not a third one 😅
    Especially since you do stream a bit.

  • @Ryan_Phantom
    @Ryan_Phantom 2 개월 전

    This is crazy! I’m slowly making my own first custom pc, that I’m building myself for the first time too. Go Gem for building you own custom pc, your looked to have done great!

  • @Thegame-wc8ls
    @Thegame-wc8ls 2 개월 전 +4

    great work Gem. Looks like you have been doing it for awhile. You have a good teacher looks like

  • @mahamkhan2247
    @mahamkhan2247 2 개월 전

    This was so exciting to watch as someone who's been following you since 2020! I've been wanting to build my own PC for 2 years now but there are too many obstacles in my way, so I was living VICARIOUSLY through you this whole video! Congratulations on your first build, I'm no expert, but from all the PC building vidoes I've watched I'd say you did a very good job! You almost made it look easy!

  • @BenschiVids
    @BenschiVids 2 개월 전

    It's so nice to see that you clearly did research and look up how to build a PC / remembered from the build with your dad. I have seen so messy stuff, and this was one of the cleanest "first pc builds" ever.

  • @robynr447
    @robynr447 2 개월 전

    Well Done! To be able to get a machine from packaging to POST is quite an accomplishment. Enjoy your new system and thanks for the great content! :)

  • @yellerthc6010
    @yellerthc6010 2 개월 전

    From the little experience I personally ahve, I have to say the REAL hardest part is managing and routing all the cables so they are nice and tidy :) Congrats on the new build! I plan on building a new PC myself in the near future with pretty much the same specs tho on the AMD platform. Don't be feeling like you're getting more than enough with that cpu though, as MC LOVES fast cpus, and it will do WONDERS for you in MC if you wanna puch it to the limits, and works pretty much flawlessly for any other case. Fortunately for us, the consumers, CPUs are VERY competitive right now :)

  • @JonathanACarr
    @JonathanACarr 2 개월 전 +1

    Congrats on your first PC! Jealous that you got the parts for free. I built my first one using KRclip videos so this is fitting. You could have narrated the steps and turned this into a how-to video.

  • @discoj7112
    @discoj7112 2 개월 전 +5

    I've killed a motherboard once because I didn't use motherboard standoffs and it shorted out. I didn't see you use them (you might have, though). Just thought I would recommend them just in case. They give you a little more room between the motherboard and the case.

  • @AlwaysBolttheBird
    @AlwaysBolttheBird 2 개월 전

    As someone who’s built probably 100 pcs for friends myself and work you did a great job. Even looks like you got the ram in the right slots.

  • @magtral
    @magtral 2 개월 전

    For a first time build you did an excellent job, especially with cable management, you can use your own velcro straps to tidy it up.

  • @Grue_bait
    @Grue_bait 2 개월 전 +1

    My experience (a LOT of it) is that you can just touch the case a lot, especially after the power supply has been mounted, to discharge static. But if you are nervous in the future you can buy an anti-static wrist strap.

  • @kltr007
    @kltr007 2 개월 전

    That was a totally new GeminiTay experience ☺Thanks for sharing this. You did a good job.

  • @bobdagranny7431
    @bobdagranny7431 2 개월 전

    I myself built a pc about a year ago and it really is a great experience!! However, don't expect completely smooth sailing forever lol, my pc has random unexpected issues that crop up every now and then, but building a pc is definitely superior to buying a prebuilt!
    Also, you might want to keep that little cheap plastic casing for the cpu, because it's crucial for warranties (mobo warranties)

  • @originalkhawk
    @originalkhawk 2 개월 전 +7

    congrats on the new build, 1 point to note is that the way you installed your radiator fans (on the liquid cooler) makes it so it draws air in from the top, while not wrong, generally most people opt to flip them around (with the logo of the fan facing the radiator) so it blows out of the top of your case, again its not wrong the way you mounted them, but for overall thermals in your case you might want to go in and flip them.
    also a step a lot of new pc builders miss is once your build is done, go into the bios and enable XMP to make sure your RAM runs at its advertised speed

    • @MDKdave
      @MDKdave 2 개월 전

      Air is usually drawn from the logo side (open face) to the grille side though. The way Gem has installed them they're pulling air from inside the case and blowing through the radiator and out.

  • @darrenberryman2434
    @darrenberryman2434 2 개월 전

    I have to agree with Splinta, I actually build custom intergrated PC desks and liquid cooling for 15 years, and you have done a fantastic job for your first PC Gem!

  • @samuelpuentemancilla6175

    I built my own PC last year, and u made me remember everything I felt at the moment, the anxiety, the nerves. Cool to see u holding on ur own, u look like a pro.

  • @gearfordragnavar1361
    @gearfordragnavar1361 2 개월 전

    You did a good job! Proud of you for doing something you weren't comfortable with to begin with. Cable management wasn't bad, I've seen ones all over the place. Wish they gave a little more room in the back though.

  • @mr13igh
    @mr13igh 2 개월 전

    What i love most about your set up is the wood on your desk...is that sad 😂
    The ASMR on those peely parts 😍
    Loved this video and how brave you are to put this out there given how some people can be in comments!
    Like minecraft youve made something look so easy and straightforward when its really not!
    .... you can let Winnie back in now

  • @artisanfilms1
    @artisanfilms1 2 개월 전

    You did an awesome job, looks amazing, well done Gem

  • @DeathStorm11471
    @DeathStorm11471 2 개월 전 +4

    I love GeminiTay she always cheers up my day❤

  • @RetroGaming102
    @RetroGaming102 2 개월 전 +1

    This was awesome to watch and the PC looks amazing (that GPU is huge 😅)! Congrats on your first Gaming PC build, you did a heck of a lot better than my first try.
    Side note, may wanna find a way to not have your PC on the floor.

  • @fragz1000
    @fragz1000 2 개월 전

    Nice work on the PC you did a great job for a first time,I caught this video when hunting for decked out vids and love a PC build particularly when its not my money. Having worked in IT for 20 years and built every PC ive owned I just wanted to give a few friendly suggestions I havent seen mentioned for your future endevors.
    First is around mounting the CPU and RAM, though componants are generally alot more tolerant than they use to be. I wouldnt do it on top of the motherboard box as you probably found memory particularly can take quite a bit of force to push in. So ensuring the board is on a firm surface will ensure the board has no room to flex protentally causing issues. I generally mount them inside the motherboard box on a table.
    Second is around the thermal paste technically what I believe you did (create a pea then mount the heatsink couldnt quite see if you spread it) isnt wrong and it shouldnt cause you an issue, but my personal preferance has always been to ensure there is an even spread of the paste across the surface of the cpu that comes into contact with the heatsink using an old bank card or the like. This is very open to debate so I wouldnt go changing what you have done as it should be fine but remember the paste is there to help ensure the best contact between the cpu and heatsink. So areas that might not benefit from it or maybe have airpockets in it have protental to cause heating issues.
    Any congrats and well done hope you enjoy the new PC

  • @ArmitageShanksMC
    @ArmitageShanksMC 2 개월 전

    Super jealous. I'd love the opportunity to own a PC this high end. There's nothing wrong with taking advantage of your job to acquire better tools that will help you do that job. I say good for you for working your way into a position where this is possible for you. Great job!

  • @jasonaviles8356
    @jasonaviles8356 2 개월 전

    Excellent build! I'm not sure if you already own one, but I would look into an external battery surge protector to help protect your investment.
    Side note... Awesome looking table.

  • @djcmike
    @djcmike 2 개월 전

    Nice work Gem. Not much you could have done otherwise. Cable management is always a pain, if you don't do custom cable runs, and that's outside most people's abilities. May it serve you well for a long time!

  • @EvesterBee
    @EvesterBee 2 개월 전 +4

    Amazing work! This is very inspiring, I ended up getting my partner to put my pc together as I was too scared. Maybe next time I’ll give it a try 😅

  • @ReviewersGuildArSR
    @ReviewersGuildArSR 2 개월 전

    Watching you put your first PC together has calmed some of my fears of wrecking a build lol. I'm researching into my first build also and I don't wanna mess it up. I'm glad I came across your video. Thank you.

  • @theunknownonetuo2033
    @theunknownonetuo2033 2 개월 전

    You did wonderfully, Gem! Awesome build!

  • @minementalx
    @minementalx 2 개월 전

    You approach was really good. The break in between was a good call and you did your research. Good work especially for the first time!
    And you earned these parts they send them to you because you make awesome content that many people watch. :D

  • @departy93
    @departy93 2 개월 전

    Good Job, I built myself a new PC a few months ago, and i have recognized multiple parts in your build that I have as well. Clean look! Good Job! Its so fullfilling and exciteing to complete your very first solo build. Have Fun playing with it! 😅👍🏼

  • @MlemDotaPersonal
    @MlemDotaPersonal 2 개월 전

    Good job Gem! I do have one suggestion, if you're brave enough; modern intel processors tend to not make the best contact with the CPU cooler, it's a known issue with them. For a few dollars, you can get an Intel LGA 1700 contact frame, that you attach to the motherboard to help the CPU cooler make better contact with the CPU and keep the temperatures lower. I would highly recommend it to increase your i9 13900k's longevity :)

  • @miladylaughalot
    @miladylaughalot 2 개월 전 +3

    You did an amazing job!! I’ve rebuilt a few and changed out components. And it runs so it’s all good!!

  • @DrCutiePi
    @DrCutiePi 2 개월 전

    IMPORTANT: you didn't push one side of the first memory stick in far enough. No one else in the comments seems to have noticed. This could lead to bad, hard to diagnose issues in the future. Otherwise great job! I went like YES when you removed your carpet at the start :D It may not be strictly necessary, but could improve the longevity of your components wgich matters with a pc this nice :)

  • @inge6280
    @inge6280 2 개월 전 +1

    Wow, this takes me back. Years ago we always built our pc’s, spending months carefully picking parts, getting the best prices. Welldone you!

  • @xRsBuiltx
    @xRsBuiltx 2 개월 전

    Amazing new computer Gemini! Most of the time with the wire management you run into the wires being a little on the short side. Which makes it hard to make them look good. :(
    A few recommendations, Its good to have something metal next to you that plugs in if you dont have a anti static strap. You can use your old computer for this. When building, Occasionally touch the metal case. This will discharge any static your body builds up, Making it safe to not damage sensitive components.
    I would also get your computer off of the floor, Specially because you dont have a carpet. The computer will pull up a TON of dust and dirt off of the floor and
    put it into the case. If you absolutely do have to leave it on the floor, Try to find something to lift it up atleast a foot or so.
    Congratulations on your new PC!

  • @vinstaal0
    @vinstaal0 2 개월 전

    Amazing build Gem, one tip for the future is that you want to do a test of all the parts outside the case. Just incase one of the parts is bad (yes even it is sent from the manufacturer directly as a sponsoring/gift it can still be bad.