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Secret Life Ep. 5 - The Tallest Tower

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2023. 11. 16.
  • Some PG13 jokes in this one, fair warning. Today I get up to several things on the life server, mostly revolving around building and making sure my tower is larger than mumbos.
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    Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com and OBS
    Minecraft version 1.20
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댓글 • 2.2K

  • @GeminiTayMC
    @GeminiTayMC  18 일 전 +2647

    Pssst, watch the video before commenting task ideas 😉

  • @bdaveness
    @bdaveness 18 일 전 +2302

    Gem has the sweetest voice on the server but she’s also the most ruthless.

    • @steffenaarsnes8066
      @steffenaarsnes8066 18 일 전 +73

      Sweet voice with a mean attitude, lol

    • @katieabraham8180
      @katieabraham8180 18 일 전 +69

      She's the next generation of Disney Princess

    • @the-infamous-fish
      @the-infamous-fish 18 일 전 +48

      that's Gem's whole ethos, honestly. It's why we love her!

    • @martijn9568
      @martijn9568 18 일 전 +19

      Except to Cleo😅, unless that was just Gem covering up her mistake🤔

    • @lawfullavender
      @lawfullavender 18 일 전 +36

      “Sounds like a scam. Goodbye!”

  • @voltsiano116
    @voltsiano116 16 일 전 +565

    I love how both you and Cleo didn't just _ask_ Scar for his door, but immediately skipped to _buying_ it

    • @Bumbulers_Bricks
      @Bumbulers_Bricks 15 일 전 +58

      Well he is a business man, seems like the right thing to do. A diamond for a door though, AND she gave him a new one?!

    • @MillicentOak
      @MillicentOak 12 일 전 +16

      Clock's a-ticking! Gotta skip the cutscene where he introduces his business partner, Trades of Questionable Benefit.

  • @oggtastic
    @oggtastic 17 일 전 +788

    Pearl's and Mumbo's tower had me howling when Joel was horrified by their colour palette and "design choices" 😂

  • @darkskull1-132
    @darkskull1-132 15 일 전 +226

    Your slow-mo replay of Mumbo's death at 1:01:10 with Grian's "it's hideous" slowed down had me rolling so hard 🤣

  • @lolli_popples
    @lolli_popples 16 일 전 +441

    Gem failing her task early and then ending up involved in someone else’s task has become a reoccurring pattern.

  • @Lenny-ue8hk
    @Lenny-ue8hk 17 일 전 +476

    Gem unintentionally jumpscaring people way better than Etho did when he had it as a task

    • @user-hv2iq1vu1u
      @user-hv2iq1vu1u 15 일 전 +26

      She’s so much more menacing than Etho.
      Now that I think about it, pretty much EVERYONE is more menacing than Etho.

    • @siddharthsirvaiya3544
      @siddharthsirvaiya3544 14 일 전 +4

      @@user-hv2iq1vu1u but i feel like etho shall not become red.
      that would be scary

    • @Lenny-ue8hk
      @Lenny-ue8hk 13 일 전 +5

      @@user-hv2iq1vu1u I seem to remember everyone being quite scared of Etho in a previous season, but safe to say he's not the scariest anymore. Washed.

    • @Anna-by4fl
      @Anna-by4fl 12 일 전 +2

      @@Lenny-ue8hkomg etho in last life ... that was scary ...

  • @aidanpinto4807
    @aidanpinto4807 18 일 전 +734

    the "YOU'RE BREAKING UP WITH ME" is so definitely going in the secret out of context clips, and its one of the best

    • @AriaNight992
      @AriaNight992 17 일 전 +18

      Honestly I'll be both shocked and quite sad if somehow it doesn't end up in one

  • @feneron5797
    @feneron5797 17 일 전 +80

    Gem: "it only took 1 heart out of me, that was kinda pathetic".
    Mumbo: *loses 8 hearts*

  • @logicallyanxious
    @logicallyanxious 16 일 전 +99

    the way gem just continuously manages to jumpscare people by existing is so funny to me

  • @ArcaneV_VT
    @ArcaneV_VT 17 일 전 +364

    You can tell Gem had heard about Pearl's task by the 31 minute mark as she opens her inventory and you can see all the iron spread out so she has no empty slots

    • @narsilgalad
      @narsilgalad 14 일 전 +26

      In impulses video he tells gem and scott after pearl gives the book to him

  • @mistycle1538
    @mistycle1538 17 일 전 +30

    Task idea: you, [player name], must hide this book somewhere in the server. It must be at least partially visible and on a lecturn. If anyone finds it and reads if, you fail. If you are reading this, type “found it!” in chat to confirm the loss.

  • @Matthew-el2fw
    @Matthew-el2fw 17 일 전 +243

    Gem's reaction time when the invisible red hit then was amazing. Shield up, takes sword out, then mocks how bad the attack was by saying how few hearts she lost

  • @Lilm3xicanboi
    @Lilm3xicanboi 17 일 전 +119

    Personal Gem Task: Expand the tower to height limit.

    • @slidaverage6
      @slidaverage6 10 일 전 +2

      And to make it more social:
      No one can notice
      Get as many people as possible to help
      Or move it block for block in a different location and she has to gaslight people into thinking that's where it was originally built

  • @wonderwu
    @wonderwu 15 일 전 +17

    When Mumbo says, "GEM DOESN'T WIN! No! I'm going back to the tower! UGH!" and storms off, it's so cute lmfao

  • @Crow_in_Thornes
    @Crow_in_Thornes 16 일 전 +42

    The slow-mo of Mumbo's fall at 1:01:11 is hilarious

    • @Bumbulers_Bricks
      @Bumbulers_Bricks 15 일 전 +3

      Grian saying "iiitttsss hhhiiidddiiiooosss" in slow motion was hilarious for some reason.😂

  • @olegfedorov3225
    @olegfedorov3225 17 일 전 +48

    I loved how Gem didn't want failing Cleo and gave her a hint who she's competing with 🤩

    • @malpheus4299
      @malpheus4299 13 일 전 +17

      I think it's more like gem was going to guess it and realised halfway through how lame it would be since she had the advantage of knowing the task verbatim. She did come close in the race after all, could have won it she acted a little faster than Cleo.

  • @snakesrule9053
    @snakesrule9053 12 일 전 +16

    Unofficial task: Gem, you should be a door to door salesman for a product that doesn't exist. And convince at least 10 people on the server to buy it. And when they do, give them a dirt block.

  • @OuroborosAnarchy
    @OuroborosAnarchy 18 일 전 +760

    Gem: Did you lose health?
    Impulse: No, not health.
    Gem: Sanity?
    Quite possibly my favourite quote of the season

    • @Presassy
      @Presassy 18 일 전 +32

      they are too used to playing phasmo

    • @ilincailie4004
      @ilincailie4004 18 일 전 +5

      Me too! Truly is a gold nugget

  • @NiTeHaWKnz
    @NiTeHaWKnz 17 일 전 +30

    You know Gem, both you and Mumbo missed an opportunity for a LoTR reference... The Two Towers 😂

    • @indominusrex1652
      @indominusrex1652 14 일 전 +1

      Oor a rather dark reference the twin towers (yes i have my mind in the gutter don't question it)

    • @NiTeHaWKnz
      @NiTeHaWKnz 14 일 전

      @@indominusrex1652 Well, that is why America can't play chess 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @KasumiRieko
    @KasumiRieko 16 일 전 +20

    Task: Convert your tower into a water slide to beat Joel's.

  • @williamalbright3517
    @williamalbright3517 17 일 전 +13

    Task idea: Only refer to other players by their full usernane for the entire session.

  • @BillTheDisaster
    @BillTheDisaster 16 일 전 +37

    Unofficial task: Bury a treasure chest with your belongings hide it well and then 2 episodes later, go on a adventure mission to find your own treasure and claim it before others do.

  • @raven89730
    @raven89730 16 일 전 +14

    Unofficial task: Replace someone's floor with birch and convince them that it is the best wood

  • @Federgeistchen-cg2nr
    @Federgeistchen-cg2nr 18 일 전 +737

    Scar coming by and randomly commenting "It's thick" to Mumbo's and Pearl's tower is the best thing XD

    • @feneron5797
      @feneron5797 17 일 전 +37

      Scar removed so much of his own commenting from his video, and all those were good ones

    • @Sheepkid-ly4ii
      @Sheepkid-ly4ii 16 일 전 +7

      They know only a few people will understand what they were talking about

    • @TheHiroClaw123
      @TheHiroClaw123 16 일 전 +7

      Timestamp: 41:29

    • @g4bri3l.
      @g4bri3l. 16 일 전 +21

      @@feneron5797to be fair most of the jokes he removes aren't very child friendly

    • @sWsTwisTed
      @sWsTwisTed 11 일 전 +3

      I bet they make jokes like that off screen so much 🤣 love when it's added

  • @Rayven-mb7zo
    @Rayven-mb7zo 13 일 전 +6

    Gem and Mumbo arguing about who won the tower off was so funny especially when Mumbo got so upset after losing.
    Task idea: Take one or more block from every other player on the server's base and build a new house.
    Red Task Idea: Get someone to gift you a heart, then lower their health by two hearts.
    Unofficial Gem task: Go to as many people's bases as you can while they are there, move one thing and leave without saying a word.

  • @NioGetsume
    @NioGetsume 16 일 전 +8

    Side-task suggestion: Get at least one person to help you build a (small) copy of someone else's base. Bonus points if you tell the other group about it after and talk about it as if it's a 100% original design.

  • @HerculePyro
    @HerculePyro 17 일 전 +24

    I'm really hoping next season we get a teamup of Gem and Martyn, they are the two most sinister people on this server (maybe add Cleo or Joel to the mix), Martyn feels like the only one who'd dare poke the lion that is gem

  • @massminer2343
    @massminer2343 16 일 전 +27

    The way gem said "no thank you" to martyn was at once so forcefull and friendly

  • @Tellana-Games
    @Tellana-Games 13 일 전 +4

    Unofficial task idea for Gem:
    Put as many HIDDEN fortifications as you can on your and the Scotts base, then go on a mining trip with both Scotts to get diamonds for their armor and gold for apples. Without taking any damage! ie: The gravel paths that you suggested with lava at the bottom!
    Both Impuse and Scott will forever be the Scotts for me! Thanks for the great vid Gem!

  • @MarioPlinplin
    @MarioPlinplin 18 일 전 +783

    Unofficial task: actually connect Bigb's backrooms with the secretkeeper

    • @Noufel_
      @Noufel_ 17 일 전 +65

      Too easy, connect it to every base in the server without being seen.

    • @nobinary2296
      @nobinary2296 17 일 전 +8


    • @otherdrew8556
      @otherdrew8556 17 일 전 +9

      absolutely. and make a hidden base within his backrooms without his knowledge.

    • @monatae9725
      @monatae9725 14 일 전 +1

      The backroom of the backrooms!

  • @kittenkitsune703
    @kittenkitsune703 15 일 전 +3

    Idea for an unofficial Gem task: Maybe you could decorate the server or team up with others to add nice trees and bushes and flowers. Totally unproductive but it should be relatively safe and it could lead to lots of interactions and mischief. Plus deco is something you excell at. Great video Gem, this one was so much fun to watch. I was laughing and smiling the whole time!

  • @jetty9678
    @jetty9678 16 일 전 +8

    task idea: do the opposite of a tower, make a detailed hole at least 3x3 wide to bedrock.

  • @lforc3829
    @lforc3829 17 일 전 +44

    I thought I was going crazy the way no one has brought up Joel's... interesting looking tower, but I'm glad Mumbo finally acknowledged it 😅

    • @purplejellytotPJT
      @purplejellytotPJT 13 일 전 +2

      It doesn't look at all weird or suggestive to me, i think because my brain just instantly recognises it as a Helter Skelter

    • @lforc3829
      @lforc3829 13 일 전 +2

      @@purplejellytotPJT Now that I've looked that up it does make sense, but as someone who didn't know what that was, having a skin-tone tower with red and blue accents doesn't do him any favors lol

    • @purplejellytotPJT
      @purplejellytotPJT 10 일 전

      @@lforc3829 fair enough lol XD it's probably because I live in the UK, so that's why for me

  • @lilymaybug7557
    @lilymaybug7557 11 일 전 +2

    You should empty out a good chunk of the inside of the mountain that your base sits upon and turn it into a bunker with the necessities that you would need in the blazing battle of the reds. :) you could make it all pink and pretty. The entrance could be a waterfall that you make near the diving board or in your crops ( for context, don’t put a waterfall in your crops. I don’t know if other people understand what I’m saying. Just put a trapdoor under some water. ) You could also prepare TNT cannons. And build a castle maybe??? You could also host more diving competitions. ( Holy Cheese-Its, I wrote so much. ) 😋 Gem, the Empress of the server, ruler of all Scotts, is what you are. All hail Empress Gem. Luv ya! 😉

  • @HybHyb
    @HybHyb 17 일 전 +29

    This video could have been called "1 hour of Gem scaring people with her sudden presence" xD Love how this is an hour long and still feels like every single moment has to be there, Gem is a great content creator

  • @flashydallsheep
    @flashydallsheep 18 일 전 +581

    silly task: have both scotts in the area and call out for one of them, and everytime say "sorry wrong scott" atleast 3 times

  • @tgrecs20
    @tgrecs20 17 일 전 +13

    Joel’s reaction to Mumbo and Pearl’s tower was probably the funniest most out of pocket thing ever🤣

  • @Starz7213
    @Starz7213 16 일 전 +3

    Task Suggestion: You must build a giant spiral staircase from Bedrock to Build Height and convince someone to climb up it with you . The outside will be 5 x 5 and the stairs will be 3 x 3.

  • @Neva252
    @Neva252 17 일 전 +51

    I am LOVING the Gem Jumpscares this session 😂 I hope someone animates these bits in the future
    Edit: stupid Task Idea- jumpscare as many people as possible on purpose

  • @davidyodo24
    @davidyodo24 14 일 전 +4

    I'm so impressed at the speed of Gem building the tower.

  • @PoofTheMagician
    @PoofTheMagician 17 일 전 +28

    Unofficial task: a nether competition, high stakes - be the person to do the most dangerous stunt in the nether, perhaps start small and work your way up to more riskier things

  • @minecraftingmom
    @minecraftingmom 18 일 전 +200

    "They're a bunch of improv nerds and yes-anded themselves into fighting the Ender Dragon" will never not be funny

    • @coyotesvods3841
      @coyotesvods3841 18 일 전 +27

      Impulse specifically is an improv nerd. Mr "Yeah sure I'll help you unleash the Wither!" has a freaking terminal case of saying yes to everything everyone asks and he's only now realizing it (I say in the most affectionate tone, Impulse is great and without his willingness to do things every single season would be dramatically different)

    • @dbseamz
      @dbseamz 17 일 전 +12

      Pearl had a tangible "yes-and" moment in Joel's episode today. I could almost see the moment she decided to play along with his antics.

    • @minecraftingmom
      @minecraftingmom 16 일 전 +7

      @dbseamz Joel was like "thank goodness she played along" He would have been in so much trouble if he'd rolled someone who wasn't a mounder

  • @Zeplington
    @Zeplington 17 일 전 +11

    Great episode! :D Hmm... silly task... how about... grow trees everywhere at other people's bases, bonus points for obscuring as much of their house as possible or putting the tree in the most awkward place possible, i.e. inside their house... 🤔

  • @afriendlyghost133
    @afriendlyghost133 14 일 전 +4

    random task: make the path lizzie and scott made during episode four safer

  • @miningflame9847
    @miningflame9847 17 일 전 +17

    I cannot wait for animators to get their hands on the tower color scheme scene 😂😂😂

  • @joehobo6039
    @joehobo6039 15 일 전 +5

    It’s so wild how these play out the way they do. Like the door challenge. The people that give you their doors so easy can be seen as your alliance. Placing them down at the secret keeper is showing the server “these homes stand with me, they are under my protection!” That’s the way I see all of these types of tasks, and seeing things in that way really makes this series so unbelievably deep. It’s amazing.

  • @samuelpuentemancilla6175

    Hard task: ask three people in the server what an annoying task would be, and then proceed to do all three without the people who told you the task, calls you out.

  • @lovziedovzie
    @lovziedovzie 18 일 전 +493

    Unofficial Stupid Task Idea: Hide at least five signs that have cat-related puns/ phrases around Solidarity and Martyn’s base without being caught by either of them!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • @meg2831
      @meg2831 18 일 전 +13

      That would be hilarious!

  • @user-xc1nm4zg6f
    @user-xc1nm4zg6f 17 일 전 +7

    Fun non task idea for Gem: Throw a party and decorate! This is more of a last day of the series task, but you can still do it!

  • @sarahreid6264
    @sarahreid6264 16 일 전 +7

    Task idea: chose a player and they are now the love of your life, and must prove your love to them . Be jealous of anyone who comes along.

  • @Overdonespawn
    @Overdonespawn 17 일 전 +10

    Silly Task: Redecorate as many bases as possible

  • @Aidan-zc8wx
    @Aidan-zc8wx 13 일 전 +2

    GeminiTask ideas (for you specifically!):
    1) become a fortune teller and give people fortunes in a tent
    2) build a dome around the secret keeper and make a cult of secrets
    3) make fake task books and leave them in peoples inventories
    4) get elytras for Gem and the Scotts

  • @LinsteadDM
    @LinsteadDM 17 일 전 +5

    silly task: Ask each person on the server for a lyric for a song for Gem and the Scotts.

  • @KryptonKrits
    @KryptonKrits 18 일 전 +461

    The way Scott just laughed and quickly agreed, without asking any questions when Gem asked him to give his front door was a-door-able.
    And Tango and Bdubs floating while being in the sitting position😂

    • @reflect349
      @reflect349 18 일 전 +8

      that's the joke cleo named her episode

    • @KryptonKrits
      @KryptonKrits 18 일 전 +3

      @@reflect349 oh I did not know that, that's a really cool coincidence

  • @user-rc4gb3yd5x
    @user-rc4gb3yd5x 15 일 전 +2

    Task Idea:Decorate the ENTIRE server for christmas without anyone seeing you 🎄

  • @lex7422
    @lex7422 14 일 전 +4

    This was such a sweet episode. Sure there were some not so sweet bit but it was still sweet.

  • @PoofTheMagician
    @PoofTheMagician 17 일 전 +23

    Silly Task: get some players to come up with their best pop up shop, the one who makes the most sales/trades wins 😂

  • @kordellcurl7559
    @kordellcurl7559 14 일 전 +2

    Task idea: You are in a hide and go seek game with the whole server, you must stay hidden from everyone. You win once Grian says “end of session” and you lose if anyone finds you or calls you out.

  • @MoonlitBookworm73
    @MoonlitBookworm73 17 일 전 +2

    This video was so chaotic and definitely a little pg13 😂😅
    Task idea: Run away during a random part of all the conversations you have during the session. You may not make up excuses to leave.
    Hard edition: You may not talk to the person for 5 minutes after leaving the conversation.

  • @monkeeh1564
    @monkeeh1564 18 일 전 +721

    Gem is absurdly kitted out compared to everyone else 😄

    • @shugi9000
      @shugi9000 18 일 전 +56

      It's because she works the grind quite a bit after she fails or completes a task. With some goofing off 😂

    • @martijn9568
      @martijn9568 18 일 전 +4

      Such a tryhard😂

    • @shugi9000
      @shugi9000 18 일 전 +41

      @@martijn9568 or she's playing smart for when there are more reds... 🤷‍♀️ More enchanted gear, more protection

    • @martijn9568
      @martijn9568 18 일 전 +5

      ​​@@shugi9000Aren't that the kind of people we like to call tryhards, because they're wanting to win😉
      Definitely depends on how you out it though😅

    • @AM-yk5yd
      @AM-yk5yd 18 일 전 +9

      Surprisingly so is Scar

  • @m00nlav
    @m00nlav 12 일 전 +1

    AN HOUR? I remember watching your hardcore series and they were only 30 minutes! I’m so proud of you gem. And 1 million subscribers! I remember when you have 500k. I’m so exited to watch ❤❤

  • @technician0096
    @technician0096 16 일 전 +10

    This episode of Secret life was hilarious, from every perspective i’ve seen. Been slowly making my rounds to all the videos.

  • @Holmesy87
    @Holmesy87 17 일 전 +2

    Regular or Gem bonus task: You have to jump whenever you are mentioned or are being addressed/spoken to.
    You fail if you're called out on it, however you gain 1 fail immunity if someone joins in jumping with you(maximum of 3 or 5, you can decide based on session length).
    Fail immunity will stop you failing the task when called out, also works retroactively, so if fail early, you can unfail yourself by getting someone to join in (through whatever means you like, but not bribery or directly asking them).
    Feel free to alter the parameters to better suit playing the game :)

  • @beachybird1251
    @beachybird1251 11 일 전 +1

    When the British get emotional, it is so unexpected. Mumbo's meltdown really tugged at my heart. I hope next session goes well for him. Congrats Gem! You are Ms Speedy builder too!

  • @cultured_individual123

    Stupid task: built a underground water boat highway to other peoples bases and convince them to join in

  • @PrinceOlaf
    @PrinceOlaf 18 일 전 +550

    The fact that Cleo just walks up and has the same task as you was a golden moment 😂. Like what are the odds?

    • @Ben-pz5pz
      @Ben-pz5pz 18 일 전 +25

      it was a race so there had to be another person.

    • @SinCitysOnly
      @SinCitysOnly 18 일 전 +29

      One in Sixteen.

    • @DrSpecialful
      @DrSpecialful 17 일 전 +6

      I loved that Gem managed to guess Cleo’s task wrong too. Cleo got so lucky, she could have failed within one minute.

    • @symawi312
      @symawi312 17 일 전 +3

      @@DrSpecialful it would have been very funny if gem just opened her book and read the task out verbatim

    • @link7777
      @link7777 17 일 전

      I really don't get why she said "steal", it was so easy and it failed :(

  • @benstrempler
    @benstrempler 15 일 전 +1

    Since decked out I feel like gem has been putting out some of the best collaboration content? Sprint IS definitely toggled, always punch etho because he’s washed, and literally everything she’s done in secret life. I feel like the more confident she gets the more she contributes to the best bits. This feels like golden era gem

  • @unhott1893
    @unhott1893 15 일 전 +2

    Secret task idea - Yin and Yang. 2 people have this task - Yin task. You have to do something very bad to someone, but within your task you have to add an element of good. Yang task. You have to do something very good to someone, but add a smaller negative element to it. Both of you have to identify your counterpart to succeed [without revealing your task or getting called out by a yellow].

  • @a_person._.7214
    @a_person._.7214 17 일 전 +1

    Unofficial task idea: Throw a birthday party for Lizzy with 5 or more people coming. She had a really bad session poor thing.
    Official Task idea: call all players by another player's name/nickname/alliance name for fifteen minutes
    Also, I really love how even in the life series Gem still takes time to build castles and cottages! Question, will you and the Scotts build a stage since you are a band?
    Also Also that moment went Gem Impulse and Mumbo all have there shields up and were back to back hiding from invisible sword looked so good. I really hope someone animates it.

  • @tuxbird6581
    @tuxbird6581 17 일 전 +2

    Task idea: don’t use any doors for the rest of the session. This includes trap doors

  • @callmefalse
    @callmefalse 16 일 전 +4

    Unofficial task - Set up a stage & have a Gem & the Scott’s concert

  • @aivilo9892
    @aivilo9892 18 일 전 +292

    Between this series and Guess That Build, Gem has really just proven herself to be a very competent speed builder. And I love that for her

    • @RalphjacobEbilane
      @RalphjacobEbilane 17 일 전 +8

      I agree I mean she did helped me improve my skills and get away from the horrible things life has given me but because of Gem I managed to creat countless maps which I haven't given to the world yet but I'm planning to creat maps and mods when I grow up may be while I'm still a kid but I'll give some of the credit to Gem cause she was the one who change me and inspired me to a better life

  • @Crow_in_Thornes
    @Crow_in_Thornes 16 일 전 +2

    Silly task idea: try leaving a calling card in peoole's bases. Obviosuky, since this isn't a serious task, there's no penelties to being called out or anything, but just a little something to leave a mark/easter egg in their bases. If you can, try and convince them to keep it when they discover it.

  • @sillyycatss
    @sillyycatss 16 일 전 +1

    task: you are going to have a building contest with one of the players yet again! you are to build a cute food stand/booth with a kitchen for making the dish that you will be cooking later on. you’ll also have to build a sitting area somewhere close to your booth where you’ll pick two judges to judge the booths that the both of you have built and the food you’ve chosen to cook. both by beauty, and difficulty. after the building part, you’ll both have a cook off! both of you are to cook a pretty difficult dish with ingredients that are hard to find. the one with the highest score (that the judges give/rate you) wins!

  • @mikallefeber2516
    @mikallefeber2516 17 일 전 +2

    An idea for an extra task is: make sure Scott and Impulse take max 5 hearts of damage

  • @schematticYT
    @schematticYT 16 일 전 +1

    Gem was very nice to let Cleo win. She didn't have to do that, but she's a good sport! Gem really is great ❤

  • @meganyoder859
    @meganyoder859 17 일 전 +2

    Task idea: Get four people to answer a slightly weird, quirky or otherwise unhinged question of your choice.

  • @damiandreams6208
    @damiandreams6208 18 일 전 +706


    • @empiresfan586
      @empiresfan586 18 일 전 +6

      if I was able to watch it because it’s 12:00pm over here..

    • @gregfulton3253
      @gregfulton3253 18 일 전 +3

      I started watching this at 1 am and now it’s 1:41 am and I just finished the video and skipped the bits I watched from pearls and Cleo’s pov

    • @MsKissbone
      @MsKissbone 18 일 전 +2

      I didn't even see how long it was, it also didn't feel like an hour 😂

    • @ilincailie4004
      @ilincailie4004 18 일 전 +1


  • @DowntonAbbey_fan
    @DowntonAbbey_fan 15 일 전 +1

    Gem task: make a cow (or any animal of your choosing) farm and name them all Gem and The Scott’s
    Secret task idea: the first player you see that isn’t a team mate will be your Secret Task holder, they must carry your secret task book around for a maximum of 15 minutes, they must know of the task in order to succeed
    Loved this video Gem :D

  • @Spen-
    @Spen- 16 일 전 +1

    If you are looking for something to fill time, you could try and make a collection of as many different blocks you can actually collect inside of the small world border. I bet people would have some interesting reactions when they see that a wall made of 70+ different blocks has just appeared in front of your base.

  • @pinkblossom927
    @pinkblossom927 17 일 전 +2

    Unofficial task ideas:
    1. try to steal as many of trader scar's customers as you can in the middle of a trade, whether its by offering them better deals or just generally scaring them off
    2. Make a pun related to the topic of conversation in at lwast three conversations you have
    3. Do one of the full session tasks that's been in someone else's episode (first thing that comes to mind is tango's imaginary friend task, but any of the others that you think would be fun would work too)

  • @xanthosalpha2145
    @xanthosalpha2145 14 일 전 +1

    Task idea: You must grow 3 trees of different types inside 3 people's base areas without being caught. If a person who lives there catches you, you cannot attempt to grow the trees in that person's area again. Any type of tree may be used, with variations such as a large oak tree and large spruce trees counted separately.

  • @2placename
    @2placename 17 일 전 +4

    Loved the mini tower contest that was amazing.
    Unofficial silly task idea:
    Organize a parade at the secret keeper. The parade must consist of at least 3 other players

  • @BetleyIsland36
    @BetleyIsland36 18 일 전 +281

    I love how Mumbo's task was so clearly "win X amount of competitions" and she never even tried to guess it and just played along instead

  • @SuperiorPosterior
    @SuperiorPosterior 17 일 전 +1

    Silly Task idea:
    Sweet Potato
    Hot Potato has you passing around an item, but this time, you're passing around some sweetness! Get as many players as possible (one at a time, in groups, whichever) to help you write a poem, one rhyme at a time-without them finding out! At the end of the session, read/type out (in chat) your poem to the whole server.

  • @tobysimmonds487
    @tobysimmonds487 16 일 전 +1

    An hour long GeminiTay video! Loving this series!!!

  • @x_birdy_x
    @x_birdy_x 17 일 전 +2

    Silly task idea for you Gem! “Try to go around the server and jump-scare at least 5 people!” Also I love your videos ✨ Each one brightens my day and it’s lovely to see you in the life series! 💚💛❤️

  • @ISwearIamNormal128
    @ISwearIamNormal128 16 일 전 +3

    I love how competitive they are, it's just fun to watch.
    Also I tried really hard to come up with a fake task, but I couldn't think of one

  • @nielsleenknegt5839
    @nielsleenknegt5839 13 일 전 +1

    Unofficial task: Have 3 people say that "Gem is great" either in chat or on sign or when you are in a group just talking, and save 3 people from imminent danger in a "Behind you Gem!" kind of moment.

  • @slimeylimey1839
    @slimeylimey1839 18 일 전 +258

    If Gem ever turns red, this episode is proof that she will dominate, she snuck up and scared so many people this episode, plus she is decked out in gear

  • @cultured_individual123

    Practical task:
    Built a lava trap underneath the staircase entrance that can be activated via a button.

  • @randomperson67890
    @randomperson67890 14 일 전 +1

    Gem if you finish your task early again either fail or succeed you should build a mansion but not tell anyone you already finished your task if someone asks. It’s just fun to see you build stuff with detail so fast and everyone gets surprised

  • @ttry1152
    @ttry1152 17 일 전 +1

    Gems vids always make me happy. She is so layed back but she could probably spread the red lives blood across the map like jam on bread

  • @rubyskjit
    @rubyskjit 16 일 전 +2

    Task suggestion: get every colour dye that’s in the game.

  • @Froggie124
    @Froggie124 17 일 전 +1

    Idea for the next life series: Active Life
    (It’s sort of a twist on limited life’s life timer)
    The main thing for Active Life is that a person has 2 hours to live, but *only* if they stand still. You can gain back 30 minutes of your time if you win the daily server race. The race would be similar to having a boogeyman. The first person to reach the opposite end of the world border gains 30 minutes, while the last person looses 30. To increase chaos, any method of travel is allowed (ice boat, elytra, dolphin tunnel, horse, etc.).
    This idea was thought of at about 1AM. Take that as you will.

  • @gregfulton3253
    @gregfulton3253 18 일 전 +255

    Seeing Cleo’s pov before this makes it funnier

  • @savannaquick4218
    @savannaquick4218 17 일 전 +1

    As a task, you should get two other people to go into caves with you to find all the axolotl variants.

  • @FartingFairy43
    @FartingFairy43 13 일 전 +2

    Task idea- u must not wear armour for the WHOLE time however must be near reds for at least 30-45 mins, if u are killed you must re-roll for a hard task next session, if you are called out by a yellow you fail

  • @harmonyparker8797
    @harmonyparker8797 17 일 전 +2

    Unofficial task idea: Next to each person's base, give them a piece of abstract art that defines them and matches their base