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I Beat HARDCORE Minecraft for THIS Building Block! Episode 5

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  • 게시일 2023. 07. 21.
  • Today we take on the end! Not for the elytra though, for a building block. In order to transform this village into the cotton candy dream I imagine, we need that light purple purpur block from the end dimension. So, we have to defeat the dragon.
    I did not know how to make a thumbnail and title for this episode, ty for clicking on it anyway
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    Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com and OBS
    Minecraft version 1.19
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  • @bakingbylizzy9273
    @bakingbylizzy9273 4 개월 전 +711

    For the iron farm, You could have a daylight sensor so that when its night, the trapdoor closes and the villagers can sleep.

    • @laurelwillow
      @laurelwillow 4 개월 전 +59

      the trouble with this is that the villagers will then just sleep all night and won't produce any iron golems half the time. I suppose if you're sleeping every night that wouldn't be too much of an issue? but eventually you're going to have times (like this episode) where you don't sleep for one reason or another, and they won't produce any iron during that time. Bit of a waste.

    • @charefeddinebenamara907
      @charefeddinebenamara907 4 개월 전 +17

      She can make a clock that is triggered by a daylight sensor that closes the trapdoors for a few ticks. But this is too bulky of a solution. The community designed much better farms.

    • @lasercraft32
      @lasercraft32 4 개월 전 +10

      in my experience, the iron farms are actually faster at night, since they need to sleep in order to spawn more golems, but can't spawn them _while_ sleeping. So at night they lie in bed, get spooked and get out of bed, and repeat over and over which makes the golems more likely to spawn.

    • @nandomax3
      @nandomax3 4 개월 전 +2

      ​@@laurelwillowyou can make it just tick a redstone pulse once when its night

    • @bakingbylizzy9273
      @bakingbylizzy9273 4 개월 전

      @@laurelwillow makes since

  • @marting9112
    @marting9112 4 개월 전 +393

    It's nice to see that Purpur finally has a PURPURSE.

    • @riuphane
      @riuphane 4 개월 전 +10

      *slow clap*

    • @beautifulroses25
      @beautifulroses25 4 개월 전 +5


    • @mflimegoat
      @mflimegoat 4 개월 전 +6

      Wdym- purpur has been used alot now- Katherine uses it-

    • @Twinsies1
      @Twinsies1 4 개월 전 +5

      му вяαιη ¢αη'т тαкє ιт -_-

  • @Ravenlikesbooks
    @Ravenlikesbooks 4 개월 전 +426

    Hey Gem, you should do the thing you did in one of your old hardcore worlds where you lock the map and write which episode it's from so you can see your progress

  • @mirellie4445
    @mirellie4445 4 개월 전 +182

    The villager at the top of the little stall at the beginning of the video can happen rarely when the chunk is loaded, unloaded, then reloaded while he is flush against the fence. Hitbox gets funky and he goes up.

  • @zLaban
    @zLaban 4 개월 전 +196

    I remember watching your hardcore series like 2 years ago and now ive finally caught up with this one. I dont understand how people can be this good at casual building

    • @marcushowell5898
      @marcushowell5898 4 개월 전 +2


    • @erin.anderson
      @erin.anderson 4 개월 전 +9

      Mostly just practice. It's a skill that you can build up over time. You can start by emulating other things that you like, and eventually just start playing with changing things, and figuring out what you like and don't like, so you can put them together in your own combinations.

    • @derda1304
      @derda1304 4 개월 전 +2

      @@erin.anderson this is true for most things in life

  • @itsdombek
    @itsdombek 4 개월 전 +40

    Vanilla Tweaks is legendary and no-one should feel bad for cleaning up the overly obtrusive things.

  • @Petermabbutt
    @Petermabbutt 4 개월 전 +58

    You can get the looting affect with a bow by having the bow in your offhand and sword in your regular hand. After you shoot your arrow you automatically go back to holding the sword and the affect is transferred.

  • @JamesBea-they
    @JamesBea-they 4 개월 전 +57

    Maybe you could set up armor stands by your portal again like your 1.16 hardcore series, you seemed to forget gold less often 💛

  • @marsh283
    @marsh283 4 개월 전 +36

    I used to think of purpur to be a kind of ugly block that was never really for building, but then you built those awesome stairs in empires smp season 1 using copper+purpur in a gradient and it was so cool! It opened my eyes to how inventive u could get with block pallettes! Love the video, very excited to see what you make next in the village!

  • @fancynitwit6306
    @fancynitwit6306 4 개월 전 +152

    There’s one thing we can all agreed on, Gemini is a goddess

  • @one_hoop
    @one_hoop 4 개월 전 +24

    You don't have to repair the bows for dispensers, the broken bows just won't work with the recipe book. But since the bows don't stack for the recipe book, I prefer to shift-click the dropper recipe anyway and then shift-click the (broken) bows into the middle.
    I was getting a little sickened when you were talking about purpur but then, when you showed it with your gradient, I was like, "Well done!"

  • @cozyplays3628
    @cozyplays3628 4 개월 전 +72

    I love your videos.And inspired me to play more minecraft and improve on my building. Keep up the fantastic work! We love you!

  • @Abzanafenza
    @Abzanafenza 4 개월 전 +32

    "I don't need a respawn point because it's hardcore" is true except when you're entering the End dimension

  • @FredericoLohmannJr
    @FredericoLohmannJr 4 개월 전 +3

    As a new subscriber (a few weeks now) I know I'm loving Gem's content because I feel sad every time a video ends. Not a fan of hard modded Minecraft, but totally ok with quality of life tweaks (I use MiniHUD myself, mostly for location and illumination). I especially love this series, mostly because of the progressive grown of everything ("lore", buildings, equipment, feelings). I hope for a new Hardcore Skyblock One Block in the future, as it was the first series I watched here. I like the Hermitcraft stuff as well.

  • @emmamickelsen2538
    @emmamickelsen2538 4 개월 전 +15

    The thing that I like about vanilla tweaks is that most of the things on there just enhance the game rather than taking away from the vanilla experience. I think adding those is a great thing for recording!

  • @joeymcbob77
    @joeymcbob77 4 개월 전 +5

    I always love to use vanilla tweaks and I don’t think it is unfair and just makes the game more enjoyable and since your on a singleplayer world it doesn’t really make much of a difference ❤ love your videos!!!!

  • @erin.anderson
    @erin.anderson 4 개월 전 +2

    Honestly, I really like your little sentry statue! It's really hard to make a statue in Minecraft at a small scale that looks that good! And I'm with you, purpur has historically been a little difficult to build with unless you did a pure End material palette, because very few overworld, or even nether, blocks matched it well. I think what the game needs now is some new blue blocks - the last few updates have skewed very warm toned for new blocks; time to balance it out.

  • @2placename
    @2placename 4 개월 전 +8

    The village is looking great Gem. No the texture packs for recording purposes aren’t cheating. They all just give you more view space which doesn’t change too much in game but makes videos a lot better

  • @humourlessjester3584
    @humourlessjester3584 4 개월 전 +3

    For my iron farms I typically use either a flower pot to break line of sight or sea pickles because unlike slabs or trapdoors they allow for the villagers to see the zombie more often and they have a good balance of sleeping and getting scared. But the more reliable solution is to have the zombies bob up and down using water bubbles since you're not relying on AI.

  • @AnnaMeowBooks
    @AnnaMeowBooks 4 개월 전 +14

    Hey Gem🥰
    You should lock the map with a glass pane, like you did in your 1.16 Hardcore world, so that you can see the progress of the village!

  • @pietersteenmeijer1063
    @pietersteenmeijer1063 4 개월 전 +9

    Hi hem, maybe you could make the villager breeder tower into an little windmill! It would really fit the farming vibe!

  • @TheMysticalCat970
    @TheMysticalCat970 4 개월 전 +18

    I'm so excited for this video. You are amazing Gem, your videos are so soothing for me and make me happy when i see you've uploaded.

  • @searchfire3350
    @searchfire3350 4 개월 전 +2

    You absolutely influenced me to play modded hardcore through your hardcore and new life series, so thanks for that! First time playing harcore and I got absolutely destroyed on my first attempt. But now I'm at the point where I'm one-shotting bosses and farming them for loot haha. Anyways, thank you for this series

  • @firebloom6860
    @firebloom6860 4 개월 전 +6

    I love ender dragon fights, especially when the player collects the breath. Like imagine just chilling in the end with your subjects and a tiny thing comes starts fighting you and then when you fight back the little thing collects breath and then finishes you off 😂

  • @isthiscer888
    @isthiscer888 4 개월 전 +1

    26:08 You don't need the bows to have full durability to craft a dispenser!
    Also, i really like where this series is going! And i really admire your dedication to this, seeing as you have 3 active series currently and you update them all quite often, hope you're well and taking care of yourself tho! Good job!.

  • @vulcanjedimaster
    @vulcanjedimaster 4 개월 전 +2

    Nicely done, Gem! I still can't imagine killing an endermen for my first pearls without a boat, let alone multiple at once, in a hardcore world. Amazing!

  • @Owenthewhimsicalguy-ni4oo

    It's always so nice watching your videos. They always brighten my day. Thank you for all you do!✨

  • @mads3548
    @mads3548 4 개월 전 +9

    best way to start my day with a little geminitay

  • @Davidge2009
    @Davidge2009 4 개월 전 +3

    For the blazes, next time, you can put the looting sword in your offhand. The looting will still apply with the bow. :)

  • @indigoxox6880
    @indigoxox6880 4 개월 전 +7

    gemini I just love you so much, you bring a sense of wonderment back to Minecraft, and every time you build it's like you've just discovered the blocks for the first time and it just inspires me every single time. love you so much !!

  • @ScientificManOfficial_
    @ScientificManOfficial_ 4 개월 전 +3

    Just love your Hardcore Series❤

  • @JDdoesstuff
    @JDdoesstuff 4 개월 전 +2

    Silk touch on nether gold and then smelting the block gives you an gold Ingot. I just found it out yesterday 😂❤ I always just fortune it, but know I have started to silk touch it. Great way to get gold!

  • @griffinscholl230
    @griffinscholl230 4 개월 전 +2

    A little tip I found out recently was gold tools have a higher enchant level, so if you put a gold sword in first and then put your diamond sword in to enchant, you should get better enchants

  • @Crate-N-fk5td
    @Crate-N-fk5td 4 개월 전 +6

    Your videos are absolutely 💯 out of 💯 they always really inspire me and show me new ways to do things. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • @Squeakylemons
    @Squeakylemons 4 개월 전 +2

    I have a real hard time paying attention to youtube vids. I'll move between a bunch every few minutes. But your videos always grab my attention. I find myself at the end of your vids thinking 'was that a short ep?' (since I got through it all at once) and it usually never is. I guess tldr, you are a great entertainer

  • @RandomShorts1574
    @RandomShorts1574 4 개월 전 +8

    Tip for episode 3: You can make a path underneath the gate. First destroy the gate. Then shovel the dirt. Then place it back🎉🎉

  • @karolinazupcanova
    @karolinazupcanova 4 개월 전 +2

    I watch a lot of mc creators, but Gem is the one I feel the most relaxed with❤❤

  • @agentspecial3294
    @agentspecial3294 4 개월 전 +3

    The fact that gem has had good luck with everything but enchants😂

  • @olivia.j
    @olivia.j 4 개월 전 +6

    gem's videos always make me want to play in my own singleplayer world! something about the simplicity of the way she plays just really inspires me

  • @Thecatcottegewitch
    @Thecatcottegewitch 4 개월 전 +2

    You're easily the most positive minecrafter I've ever watched. I love it.

  • @woahhhluv
    @woahhhluv 4 개월 전 +3

    It’s going to keep me up at night wondering how on earth that villager got up there

  • @chloeadele4914
    @chloeadele4914 4 개월 전 +1

    So amazing to watch how knowledgeable you are in Minecraft and how fun you make it! I can and have watched you for hours 💜

  • @lauramartin2560
    @lauramartin2560 4 개월 전 +1

    For the iron trims, you are supposed to do the same armor trim on all of your armor because the patterns all fit together. Example: way finder is supposed to go on all your armor pieces (boots, leggings, chest plate, and helmet.) Keep up the good work!

  • @JDeppFan2272
    @JDeppFan2272 4 개월 전 +3

    The answer to "how much dragons breath does one need" in my case is "a stack of 64". LOL. i just had a ton of glass bottles already and was all "eh, why not, just bring a stack". I haven't used a single one.

  • @hypotheist3737
    @hypotheist3737 4 개월 전 +32

    FYI Gem, you don't need to kil the blaze with the sword, you can have it in your main hand and still get the looting effect by killing them with a bow in your off-hand. Much love

    • @SillySnowFox
      @SillySnowFox 4 개월 전 +4

      They fixed that bug in Java.

    • @hypotheist3737
      @hypotheist3737 4 개월 전

      @@SillySnowFox you sure? I am still able to do it in 1.20.1

  • @rachelleanne2296
    @rachelleanne2296 4 개월 전 +1

    Absolutely love this series Gem, you got me back to loving minecraft again💞💞 ive been looking forward to every upload💞

  • @wynterzombie-2013
    @wynterzombie-2013 4 개월 전 +2

    It's crazy how good you are at building

  • @ElliotsLegoCreations
    @ElliotsLegoCreations 3 개월 전 +2

    It's funny how every thumbnail for this series has a cool build you did in the video or something like that, but this video is just
    E N D E R M A N .

  • @alehzanderh
    @alehzanderh 4 개월 전 +1

    The slab in the iron farm makes it so that the villagers almost never go into panicking mode. It really is a broken farm, and until Wattles fixes it - it's a better idea to use different ones. Still, the one I made on an SMP does work. Not always but it works enough for me to never worry about iron again. Switch the slabs for trap doors.

  • @nancyroy6878
    @nancyroy6878 4 개월 전 +1

    Love your videos and your energy. Hope everything is Ok there in NS with all those floods. From a fellow Maritimer. I am from NB.

  • @BlahCraft1
    @BlahCraft1 4 개월 전 +1

    Careful once you get an Elytra, they're an easy way to go from a hardcore world to no world.

  • @HeartGamer26
    @HeartGamer26 4 개월 전 +3

    I never saw vanilla tweaks as cheaty but I think what you have are just fine.

  • @kyhleighshiver
    @kyhleighshiver 4 개월 전 +2

    This vid has taught me more things about the end I didn't even know about and I've been playing for 10 years basically since I was 4 💀 love this video so much

  • @SAwfulEPM
    @SAwfulEPM 4 개월 전 +3

    Someday, Gem will have transformed a village in every single version of Minecraft.

  • @gsilva862
    @gsilva862 4 개월 전 +1

    All I could think of when she got the phantom membrane was insane in the membrane. Keep up the good work Gem your builds are amazing

  • @ericmumper6821
    @ericmumper6821 4 개월 전 +1

    I think that if you put your looting sword in your off hand (shield hand) it applies looting when you kill with a ranged attack. At least it feels that the drops are better.

  • @Mayasoflya
    @Mayasoflya 4 개월 전 +1

    wow, what a great episode!! So much fun, looking forward to seeing how you use the purpur (?)

  • @pinkysclouds
    @pinkysclouds 4 개월 전 +4

    I love this series so far!! I can’t wait for more!!

  • @lindsayulich2786
    @lindsayulich2786 4 개월 전

    I cannot wait till your next post! This has been one of my favorite series you’ve done in a very long time it’s so amazing. Can’t wait to the next upload. Love you thank you❤️

  • @rhydalic9540
    @rhydalic9540 4 개월 전 +1

    Very fun video! Never really thought purpur was worth the effort, but you’re right that the gradient works really well! Thanks for the tip

  • @Christopher-cr7pw
    @Christopher-cr7pw 4 개월 전 +1

    Gem your always a good builder can't wait to see your next base design for your hard-core world

  • @MyLifeAsRuth
    @MyLifeAsRuth 3 개월 전

    If I am remembering correctly, you can put your sword with looting in your off hand and shoot with your bow and still get the looting effect. This may no longer be the case in newer updates however.

  • @kcscustom9759
    @kcscustom9759 4 개월 전

    I love the resource packs I use a few of them myself. Also I personally don’t feel like this was too soon to go into the end, I usually defeat the dragon then raid end cities for shulkers, loot, & elytra on day 3-5 of a new world. Basically the minute I have protection 2 or better diamond armor I’m fighting the dragon, then I take the gateway into the outer end and I don’t go back until I have at least a few elytra and a stack+ of shulker shells.

  • @kath5228
    @kath5228 4 개월 전

    I appreciate that you keep things mostly vanilla makes it easier to replicate in my own worlds

  • @nadiapatrovia5241
    @nadiapatrovia5241 개월 전

    If you ever have trouble finding certain biomes or structures you should try chunk base, you put your world seed in it and it shows you all kinds of stuff. You can even use it for the end and the nether.

  • @Grue_bait
    @Grue_bait 4 개월 전

    I've seen two pretty good iron farms (one - from LogicalGeekBoy - I use because easy to build in the early game); both make the zombie hide/show off and on, allowing the villagers to sleep for about microsecond before being scared again. The alt used red stone and pistons. LGB's has the zombie standing in some water on a fence, with the water running into another adjacent block (zombie can't get into that one).. the flowing water makes the zombie bob up and down.

  • @marcusantoine3505
    @marcusantoine3505 4 개월 전 +1

    I really enjoying this series so far gem keep up the good work hope to see more episodes soon btw love all your content i hope you see this and reply back

  • @karebear326
    @karebear326 4 개월 전

    I love how you stay very vanilla, that you use some extra for video purposes doesn't change the quality of the vanilla experience so i see no problem with it, in fact technically the extra is to improve our viewer experience so I appreciate the extra effort you put into it for our sake❤️😄
    As someone who only play vanilla minecraft it is super inspiring to see you build with vanilla blocks since it sucks to not have the block when i want to build after being inspired by you so very happy you do vanilla minecraft ❤️🥰
    Though lets just admit that minecraft needs to add bushy leaves to their vanilla minecraft, so much prettier🥰😂🙈

  • @zaneabrain2615
    @zaneabrain2615 개월 전

    I loved this series. It really is too bad that she only made it to episode 10.

  • @randomwolf6900
    @randomwolf6900 4 개월 전 +2

    Gem I LOVE your videos!!!

  • @spencer2512
    @spencer2512 4 개월 전

    I could never get that iron farm to work in my world. I'm glad it's working for you 😊. Also, i love the colour gradient! Cant wait to see you use it

  • @FutureHorizonsStudios
    @FutureHorizonsStudios 4 개월 전

    A bit of testing led me to discover that Netherbrick Fences make a wonderful branch for custom Cherry Trees. Combined with Pink Stained Glass Panes and Ochre Froglights, it looks wonderful.

  • @xinyue7512
    @xinyue7512 4 개월 전 +4

    Gem you literally made my dayyy 😊!!

  • @starswater
    @starswater 2 개월 전

    Unless they've changed it, you don't actually have to kill them with your sword in order to get the looting form it - you just have to have your sword in hand when they die. So like, shoot an arrow and swap weapons and your arrow kills them while you're holding your looting sword, you should get the extra drops. It's kinda old info, they could have patched it out, but worth checking.

  • @katherine-_-5083
    @katherine-_-5083 4 개월 전 +2

    Get it Gem! Love your videos been here for years!

  • @Cottonstargames
    @Cottonstargames 4 개월 전

    something that would be cool is every ten episodes you could do a quick walkthrough of the town and the background with Shaders on

  • @inkkarts
    @inkkarts 4 개월 전 +1

    I love this series so far!

  • @dreamzerg
    @dreamzerg 4 개월 전 +1

    I'm sure someone has already said it, but you can put your looting sword in your offhand and kill with your bow and still get the looting bonus too. Though it's pretty spooky on hardcore to drop your shield.

  • @mitch1982
    @mitch1982 4 개월 전 +2

    NEVER take a slow falling potion BEFORE going through the end portal. You can glitch through the platform and fall.......very slowly to your end.

  • @morganjsmith1710
    @morganjsmith1710 4 개월 전 +6

    Enchanted books are the way to go gem. Fishing also is good for enchanted books. You can combine books together and they can stop the too expensive text coming up on anvils

  • @arasdeeps1852
    @arasdeeps1852 4 개월 전

    I love vanilla tweaks! I use the same textures, as well as a few others. I also use some of the data packs and crafting tweaks. The "more blocks" crafting tweaks probably are cheating, but they just make so much more sense than the chunky, crazy expensive vanilla recipes that they replace!

  • @Maze-Runner.Hunger-games
    @Maze-Runner.Hunger-games 4 개월 전 +1

    Your videos are amazing so nice to watch on a Saturday evening

  • @royfrank9947
    @royfrank9947 7 일 전

    I really love your videos and this series:))
    but heres a tip about enchanting, try to enchant books instead of your gear.
    than you'll have much better chance of getting many great enchantments.
    (And if the 3 levels option sucks take the 1 level option so you can save levels and time)
    you are a great youtuber and really underated
    keep going the amazing work and effort you doing on those great vids♥

  • @SuperMarioSander
    @SuperMarioSander 4 개월 전

    You amaze me with your builds gem! Suggestion: Make a endermen XP farm so you can get level 30 much quicker!

  • @Fandova
    @Fandova 4 개월 전 +2

    Just woke up and saw that you uploaded!! I love this series so much

  • @Its_Gooose
    @Its_Gooose 4 개월 전

    if u do read comments, im pretty sure that if you put the bow in your off hand and sword in the other and shoot your bow im pretty sure that the looting from the sword will work on the bow
    also, cos your using fabric, downoad the mod continuity to get connected glass and texture but make sure to check recource packs for those and if you like fresh animations then download entity model features and entity texture features

  • @soomi
    @soomi 4 개월 전

    I'm actually glad you keep the game vanilla or as vanilla as possible. It's hard to find people who play the game that way.

  • @Leafyleaves
    @Leafyleaves 4 개월 전 +3

    Great video Gem! Thank you for sharing this with us❤❤

  • @ender7910
    @ender7910 4 개월 전

    The Purotector is a purfect design choice! No less!
    Hope the summer is doing you all well!

  • @krithusworld
    @krithusworld 4 개월 전

    Hey Gem, this purple block matches with the new cherry wood i guess

  • @bluubun
    @bluubun 4 개월 전 +3

    You uploading this right after I literally just fell into the void and died after beating the ender dragon and getting my first elytra is such a punch in my heart lol (skill issue, i suck)

  • @chevspyder85
    @chevspyder85 4 개월 전

    Hey Gem! Try 19 bookshelves. I’ve heard that gives you the best chance to get the good enchants. Haven’t tried it myself yet though.

    • @one_hoop
      @one_hoop 4 개월 전

      15 is max as long as none are obstructed, but often people put 16 for symmetry reasons. Villagers are better anyway, so whatever looks good to you :)

    • @kevinkelley1225
      @kevinkelley1225 4 개월 전

      There's one enchant (at least) that has better odds if you block off a few shelves.
      ...but yah I usually always do librarians 😊

  • @babydahl9424
    @babydahl9424 2 개월 전

    Thank you. I was very anxious and my blood pressure was really high but listening to your video helped calm me down enough that I think I can sleep now. Thank you.

  • @CalvinKomo
    @CalvinKomo 4 개월 전

    Gem, if you want better enchant you have to add more bookshelf because it will give you more than 2 or 1 enchant like: Sharpness 4, unbreaking 3, looting 3 all at once❤

  • @veepawlik3855
    @veepawlik3855 4 개월 전 +1

    >Wakes up from abuser dream
    >Tay added new video
    >Voice is relaxing
    >Purpur farm inspiration

  • @indus3270
    @indus3270 4 개월 전

    If you hold your looting sword in your off-hand, you get the looting effect when you shoot your bow with the regular hand.

  • @user-gj7qe1vt2y
    @user-gj7qe1vt2y 4 개월 전 +1

    Did you know you can copy armour trims by putting the armour trims missing template in a crafting table with eight diamonds and a material material changes with each arm a trim, but some do overlap

  • @meawjiii_10
    @meawjiii_10 개월 전

    gem is so brave fighting alone the enders without dying like if im on her position im panicking and would just leave the game

  • @siralstarborn1079
    @siralstarborn1079 3 개월 전

    At 3:57: Although the creeper was in line of sight, I automatically screamed " BEHIND YOU, GEM!!" in my head 🤣😂🤣 guess that's stuck now forever with you in my mind 💚

  • @imover9999
    @imover9999 4 개월 전

    The only way I can imagine a villager getting up there is if he got scooped up by an iron golem attacking a mob. But your village is quite safe, and I have to imagine a villager would get one shot by a golem? That was quite strange to see him up there! Haha