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  • 게시일 2023. 09. 13.
  • Tangotek's decked out game is open! Geminitay is on hermitcraft running the dungeon 10 times. Enjoy the movie!!
    No backseat gaming in comments please, playing this without the power of hindsight and the calmness of watching a video is a lot different to actually running the map.
    Check out Tango: / @tangoteklp
    ✨Follow me!
    Twitch: / geminitay
    Twitter: / geminitaymc
    Insta: / geminitay
    Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com and OBS
    Minecraft version 1.19
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  • @GeminiTayMC
    @GeminiTayMC  2 개월 전 +4212

    No backseat gaming in comments please, playing this without the power of hindsight and the calmness of watching a video is a lot different to actually running the map! Be nice, enjoy the movie

    • @tinttiboi7197
      @tinttiboi7197 2 개월 전 +18

      I'll try

    • @zurc7377
      @zurc7377 2 개월 전 +10

      aight bet

    • @Robin_wtwgb
      @Robin_wtwgb 2 개월 전 +69

      I was wondering where your decked out vid was. Little did I know, you were waiting to bless us

    • @marrimars
      @marrimars 2 개월 전 +28

      Got snacks and a drink ready to watch you slay the dungeon :3

    • @AnimilesYT
      @AnimilesYT 2 개월 전 +22

      Backseat gaming is fun though. But you're absolutely right and people shouldn't be mean! You've been doing great ❤

  • @GrifterMage
    @GrifterMage 2 개월 전 +391

    I think Gem's one of the stronger players, but she definitely got some poor RNG this week with no high-value artifact drops. Hopefully that evens out in the future once she's able to do more runs.

    • @deborahsheets2604
      @deborahsheets2604 2 개월 전 +14

      Yes I agree! Other hermits getting 16+ ember artifacts level 1 runs and she kept getting 7 ember artifacts I was like come on😂 and the key drops… but she learned a lot and I bet will bounce with with something fierce this week

  • @stuartcox7355
    @stuartcox7355 2 개월 전 +561

    I love seeing hermits that we dont often see together. Etho, gem, & grian is a cool combo for comedy 😂

  • @MadCat541
    @MadCat541 2 개월 전 +1199

    Gem just casually getting into the impossible room twice in a row, tango never thought anyone would get in there. You definitely deserve a prize! GG gem

    • @Craftidore
      @Craftidore 2 개월 전 +44

      Well, Tango did test it and he was eventually able to get into the impossible room.

    • @anandamercer793
      @anandamercer793 2 개월 전 +12

      Wait which one is the impossible room?

    • @MadCat541
      @MadCat541 2 개월 전 +17

      @@Craftidore yes I remember him getting into it once but it was hard and took him Alot of attempts

    • @MadCat541
      @MadCat541 2 개월 전 +53

      @@anandamercer793 the iron door in the black box after you beat the game

    • @anandamercer793
      @anandamercer793 2 개월 전 +6

      @@MadCat541 ohhh right thanks

  • @deicidaltendancies
    @deicidaltendancies 2 개월 전 +220

    12:35 "Who could have figured that out? Not me!"
    - Gem, immediately after having figured it out.

  • @hypnotizd
    @hypnotizd 2 개월 전 +603

    Gem you're so good at this!!

    • @extracheddar
      @extracheddar 2 개월 전 +23

      She’s great! And so are you humble hypno!

    • @minorsecond
      @minorsecond 2 개월 전 +31

      Gem is Great, Hypno is Humble, Tango is Adequate. ;)

    • @laartje24
      @laartje24 2 개월 전 +10

      Don't underestimate yourself Hypno, you did great too.

    • @beril6248
      @beril6248 2 개월 전 +5

      @@minorsecond No, Tango is Terrific!

    • @Ms.L.
      @Ms.L. 2 개월 전 +1

      But hypno is King

  • @marieleelee
    @marieleelee 2 개월 전 +1472

    Obviously Tango’s work is massively impressive but I also loveeee how excited all the Hermits are. It must be very gratifying to Tango to see his work be appreciated like this. Especially by Pearl and Gem who never got to play Decked Out 1.

    • @darkfirefox3251
      @darkfirefox3251 2 개월 전 +102

      I really recommend headed over to Tango's second channel and watching his vods of his live perspectives of hermits runs, it's amazing watching him get so so excited about how excited his fellow hermits are

    • @cassroot470
      @cassroot470 2 개월 전 +18

      I second this, he was so excited

    • @ManateeGag
      @ManateeGag 2 개월 전 +42

      watching Tango's perspective of the weekend, you couldn't sandblast the smile off his face. he was so happy.

    • @isabellaapelar
      @isabellaapelar 2 개월 전 +9

      @@ManateeGagit was amazing! and the chat that weekend was so super kind!

  • @Canadioryan
    @Canadioryan 2 개월 전 +94

    Please keep doing these as "movies" at the end of each phase. This is the by far the most enjoyable way to watch the runs!! Good luck Gem! Get those Ws!

  • @Juniper6
    @Juniper6 2 개월 전 +196

    Impulse, Grian, and Gem all release hour long videos in the same time span is crazy!

  • @crownlexicon5225
    @crownlexicon5225 2 개월 전 +900

    Death Loop is Scar's artifact.
    So glad to see that you recognize that the artifacts are related to hermits! Some hermits have gotten their own and not realized it

    • @aztecpatrick8725
      @aztecpatrick8725 2 개월 전 +118

      As soon as I saw the artifact named Death Loop, I immediately remembered S7(?) with Grian and Bdubs licking Scar in a room with a retracting floor and like 80 piglins.

    • @Charle596
      @Charle596 2 개월 전 +34

      Licking Scar in a room what

    • @crownlexicon5225
      @crownlexicon5225 2 개월 전 +19

      @@Charle596 they made a typo. Locking

    • @ozlinator
      @ozlinator 2 개월 전 +2

      @@aztecpatrick8725wasn’t it s8 ?

    • @MatthewWaltonWalton
      @MatthewWaltonWalton 2 개월 전 +9

      I'd say Death Loop is Zedaph's, since he did a death loop Zedvancement with Tango's help this season.

  • @briannakae8060
    @briannakae8060 2 개월 전 +84

    gem your editing and pacing of your videos is so unmatched. all of your first 10 runs in one video without it seeming like you cut out too much and including some other footage in between so it doesn't get stale... love watching your videos. such quality stuff!

    • @ghostlyexe
      @ghostlyexe 2 개월 전 +2

      This was my first time watching anything Hermitcraft related (I only recently started getting into Minecraft cause of the QSMP) and I was not bored for even a second. I’m actually shocked at how quick this hour went by, this was such a good video ☺️ I’ll definitely be checking out the server more often!

    • @sweetest-sweater
      @sweetest-sweater 2 개월 전

      @@ghostlyexewelcome!! 😊

  • @ericvaninwegen6384
    @ericvaninwegen6384 2 개월 전 +306

    2:26 Props to Gem for being the ONLY Hermit able to read and follow the signs on the first go!

    • @tristanridley1601
      @tristanridley1601 2 개월 전 +28

      Except 'set spawn' lol

    • @MuttonChops24
      @MuttonChops24 2 개월 전 +22

      this is so infuriating. Tango spends 18 months building this amazing game and some of the hermits are too impatient to even slow down ad read the signs that tell them exactly what to do.
      Also the number of hermits that didnt read the books in the tutorial room, then 5 minutes later saying "i have no idea what these sounds mean"
      Thank you Gem for reading and paying attention to all the things.

    • @nasimmason
      @nasimmason 2 개월 전 +21

      @@MuttonChops24 tbh a lot of them watched tango's tutorial on how to play

    • @MuttonChops24
      @MuttonChops24 2 개월 전 +5

      @@nasimmason yeah and still missed a lot of the things lol

    • @delaneykeller1389
      @delaneykeller1389 2 개월 전 +48

      ​@@MuttonChops24it's not that deep. Some people are the type to learn as they go, and that's fine. Let them play how they see fit. If Tango had a problem with it he would have said something

  • @gabriellekh3623
    @gabriellekh3623 2 개월 전 +339

    21:43 you can hear etho distantly defend gem for going to bed early bc it gets dark in Canada early

    • @KPdewstar
      @KPdewstar 2 개월 전 +4


    • @J75Pootle
      @J75Pootle 2 개월 전 +14

      although at this time of year sunset isn't very early compared to more equatorial latitudes

    • @MotoDash1100
      @MotoDash1100 2 개월 전 +36

      And then at 46:36 he says she's getting old and talking to herself 😂.
      All things balanced as they should be.

    • @sambuma
      @sambuma 2 개월 전 +19

      ​@@MotoDash1100Etho remembered how many heads of his Gem has and Canadian solidarity went out the window.

    • @GoldAndBlue
      @GoldAndBlue 2 개월 전 +5

      21:15 the bedtime conversation lol

  • @Crimzos
    @Crimzos 2 개월 전 +51

    Really have to commend how well Gem keeps her food levels good, so many others basically starve to death when doing runs

  • @iodachi
    @iodachi 2 개월 전 +84

    It'd be great to add a number to your GeminiSlay sign in the secret end room to show how many times you make it there!

  • @keremgive
    @keremgive 2 개월 전 +114

    "we were working tirelessly"
    -builds a tire
    "Pearl is also gonna terraform to spruce things up"
    -cuts off a spruce tree

  • @GoldAndBlue
    @GoldAndBlue 2 개월 전 +37

    I love how you presented all of your Decked Out 2 Phase 1 runs as a movie! I hope you get better luck and progress with Phase 2!

  • @tristangoncalves1417
    @tristangoncalves1417 2 개월 전 +113

    18:10 really funny how almost everyone just starts sneaking when the card gets played, like tango is whispering in your ear commanding you to sneak

  • @EereepaPlays
    @EereepaPlays 2 개월 전 +1205

    A WHOLE HOUR OF GEM?!? We have been blessed!!!

  • @Jakahoe
    @Jakahoe 2 개월 전 +71

    The improvement from your early runs to your later runs is immense. The confidence, the map knowledge, the card planning… you’re my new favourite for “person Etho should be worried about” GGs!

  • @FredericoLohmannJr
    @FredericoLohmannJr 2 개월 전 +21

    Each Hermit have their own run style, but Gem's is the most fun. She is cautious enough but also tries to explore. Already understand the game mechanics enough to work around them when necessary and also to be mentally prepared for the coming problems. It's really fun to watch. (Just hope she stops jumping!)

  • @XyloJW123
    @XyloJW123 2 개월 전 +98

    Oh my god, Gem making Scar work for his kill was so unexpectedly funny!! Even unarmed and unarmored, Hermits can't handle Gem

  • @george5954
    @george5954 2 개월 전 +5

    Gem this video was INCREDIBLE! I would LOVE to see more vids like this for future phases (or shorter videos if that's easier for you, but more Decked Out for sure!). You're really great at the game, I've been most excited to see you and Pearl play since you didn't get to see the first one :)

  • @sebastianjost
    @sebastianjost 2 개월 전 +47

    I think your Decked out runs might be my favorites to watch. You're doing soo good! Especially the last run was epic.
    You might be slightly addicted to Decked Out, but so are many of the viewers 😅
    It looks like you really need some more treasure cards to get keys. Lack of keys forced you to stay in the dungeon longer, increasing hazard which may have cost you your life in the end. The Sneak cards are paying off though! you went really long with barely any clank being generated.
    It's fascinating how Clank, Hazard and Treasure play together. Even collecting 1-4 frost embers can make a surprisingly big difference.

    • @etherealclarity
      @etherealclarity 2 개월 전 +1

      Yeah, she mentioned she needs more treasure cards for keys! I bet she'll start buying those on the next round of runs :)

  • @enien3inco15
    @enien3inco15 2 개월 전 +630

    Gem’s constant excitement and addiction for Decked Out is contagious. I love it. It’s so cute

  • @sinderRednis
    @sinderRednis 2 개월 전 +14

    it is fantastic seeing hermits that didn't play the first decked out REALLY enjoying it. you're doing great, have the fun!

  • @steffenaarsnes8066
    @steffenaarsnes8066 2 개월 전 +10

    I am fully willing to be an enabler of your addiction in this case. It's so so much fun to watch you play and I sincerely hope you post at least one episode a week such as this for the next months! Thank you, you're great and will do great in Decked Out, that much is obvious already! :D

  • @atwistedsky9169
    @atwistedsky9169 2 개월 전 +145

    This episode was CRAZY. Like, I just love how hyped everyone was, and also much love to Tango for creating this masterpiece. like, the level of skill to design this is insane. On video it's easy for people to be like "Oh you missed this" in hindsight, but I feel like when you're in there on the run with the heartbeat going and constantly looking out for threats it's easy to miss little things as you go.

  • @gergelyotvos9324
    @gergelyotvos9324 2 개월 전 +1

    I love how each Hermit has a different, unique style of playing Decked Out: Scar just stumbles around until he gets lucky, Bdubs gets distracted by the enviroment, Etho and Impulse approach it with professionalism I'd expect from them while admiring the technical challange behind this game and so on. Before I sat down to watch Gem's POV, I thought that much like Etho she'd approach her runs with professionalism, her trademark cheerfulness and "this is fine" when things inevitably go south but not giving up. Well done Gem, I hope you'll show more runs in the future!

  • @dkSilo
    @dkSilo 2 개월 전 +82

    So nice to see someone remembering to crouch on the magma blocks.
    So sad you didn't manage to finish the last run, I was soooo rooting for you.
    So fun watching your runs. Well done. Can't wait for phase 2.

  • @monsieurnothing46
    @monsieurnothing46 2 개월 전 +326

    Tango didn’t believe you got through the gauntlet at the end. Now he has to believe you lol

    • @jamesgonz0077
      @jamesgonz0077 2 개월 전 +16

      But what about the trophy? I dint see it. Did she get it?

    • @thebigpineapple
      @thebigpineapple 2 개월 전 +29

      I think she forgot to press the button on the stairs

    • @GoldAndBlue
      @GoldAndBlue 2 개월 전 +7

      Tango didn't clearly explain how to retrieve the bonus trophy. Gem should ask him about it.

    • @zareyz984
      @zareyz984 2 개월 전 +30

      I believe Tango said in a stream recently that the trophy art is not ready yet, he didn't anticipate anyone getting to the secret room so soon, let alone twice. He must've forgotten that Gem is Great

    • @ReeseHosgood
      @ReeseHosgood 2 개월 전 +1

      It’s at 54:16 in case anyone is wondering.

  • @Grouchy_Hermit
    @Grouchy_Hermit 2 개월 전 +7

    These movies never seem as long as they are. True sign of your content creation ability.

  • @nuke469
    @nuke469 2 개월 전 +2

    I hope next season everyone comes together and gets Tango everything he needs for do3

  • @nlnlth
    @nlnlth 2 개월 전 +92

    it's so much fun seeing how much you improved between your runs. you seemed so comfortable navigating the dungeon the last few times!

  • @potato4481
    @potato4481 2 개월 전 +1

    wow you're knowledge of the game is very impressive!
    Edit: Also admire how you don't take the losses too hard, and the dodging are legit. I feel like with some extra luck you've got a real chance in this Gem! Either way looks so fun.

  • @VagueCastle649
    @VagueCastle649 2 개월 전 +40

    An entire hour of Gem content is so awesome.
    It feels like TCG all over again with everyone congregating and having fun together. ❤️

  • @Shaeolaura
    @Shaeolaura 2 개월 전 +317

    Watching Zedaph's POV I was wondering how Gem didn't see him. Watching Gem's, I totally get it. I had to go frame by frame KNOWING where he was to even catch a glimpse. Well played, Zed.
    (And of course, well played Gem, for the actual gameplay footage. For which I am very excited. I have been eagerly anticipating your POV!)

    • @SirChaosS
      @SirChaosS 2 개월 전 +8

      Can u give a timestamp? I watched every entrance carefully and never saw him.

    • @sean2063
      @sean2063 2 개월 전 +3

      I got REAL lucky with my pause, but only cause I knew it was coming.

    • @abhijeetvdsh
      @abhijeetvdsh 2 개월 전 +1

      Can you share run number or time

    • @stevanpetrovic6308
      @stevanpetrovic6308 2 개월 전 +6

      @@SirChaosS It's the first run, right as the door is opening

    • @chrismerrell7957
      @chrismerrell7957 2 개월 전 +21

      @@SirChaosS 3:05 You can barely see him dip behind the snow as the door is opening

  • @MoonyFBM
    @MoonyFBM 2 개월 전 +11

    Gem is one of my favourite Decked Out players for suuuure. She's so excited and actually really good at the game too!! Love every interaction with Gem!

  • @awesomoose7822
    @awesomoose7822 2 개월 전 +5

    You’re not one of my go to hermits but I’ll definitely be returning to your vids during this decked out phase of hermitcraft. Thanks for this long well edited episode, keep up the great work Gem!

  • @Denkar11
    @Denkar11 2 개월 전 +26

    I had already watched Tango's viewing of Gem's runs, but it was so nice to watch the whole thing at once and see the progression. Good job, Gemini Slay!

  • @aaronorelup4024
    @aaronorelup4024 2 개월 전 +4

    Hearing you support the other hermits in all the other decked out videos is always so nice. I feel like the best part of decked out is that you guys have each other to experience and talk about it with

  • @skadoodlificator
    @skadoodlificator 2 개월 전 +25

    Wow this was AMAZING. You didn’t have the best luck of all the hermits, and there were a few more “close” or suspenseful runs this week, but your presentation and editing was by far the most engaging! Well done!
    Also, it was very satisfying watching the progression from being lost in the early runs to having it totally mastered by the end of the video. I hope the movie format does well for you because it was super entertaining and satisfying to watch

    • @Zeldrake
      @Zeldrake 2 개월 전 +1

      +1 to the editing and presentation, cutting out some of the dead-air goes a long way

  • @8bitspacedj
    @8bitspacedj 2 개월 전 +354

    I love that everyone has been uploading Doc long episodes! Its been an amazing week for Hermitcraft content :D

    • @ruffboimags
      @ruffboimags 2 개월 전 +29

      We are eating well this week

    • @julianemery718
      @julianemery718 2 개월 전 +50

      And so are the ravagers.

    • @emilyrattini8462
      @emilyrattini8462 2 개월 전 +21

      Our addiction is as strong as hers at this point

    • @dianagung8071
      @dianagung8071 2 개월 전 +7

      ​@@julianemery718especially tangos cough

    • @lukehdarowlet9321
      @lukehdarowlet9321 2 개월 전 +8

      Can't wait to see if Doc plays Decked out 2 and doubles the usual video length as well

  • @akaittou
    @akaittou 2 개월 전

    Thank you so much for making a whole big long thing for us hopeless vicariously-enjoying-DO2-throuhg-hermits watchers :'D I'm loving the content!
    It's really funny that because the creeper incident in the tutorial room destroyed the note block setup for them, basically NOBODY had any idea what the dings and toots in the dungeon meant initially. Watching hermits figure out the game is such a treat (as long as stream chats and YT comments can't just backseat game everything lol)
    edit: Past bedtime...... my gods, Gem is one of those mythical "early to bed, early to rise" people isn't she? I've NEVER encountered one before! :O
    edit #2: I feel like the limited number of frozen shards each player gets lends itself perfectly to supercut collages like this one and I'm loving it
    edit #3: Gem just lives in the Ultimate Victory Chamber now. It's her home. :'D

  • @bonesciencegaming3863
    @bonesciencegaming3863 2 개월 전 +1

    I’ve watched all of tangos build progress with this, so happy that everyone is playing and getting engaged he put so much work into this

  • @DraconicHero
    @DraconicHero 2 개월 전 +10

    I love how the members of the server support each other so wholeheartedly. Both with the TCG and DO2. tango and beef both spent SIGNIFICANT time building both games and are rewarded with players that are purely unadulteratedly excited.

  • @jacobroper6276
    @jacobroper6276 2 개월 전 +1

    Also, huge props to Tango. Decked Out is a creative and technical feat

  • @alangrimsrud6693
    @alangrimsrud6693 2 개월 전 +3

    There is Zedaph. 3:05-3:07. You can watch him pop hid little head outta the snow straight ahead. Hahaha. I love this group of players. You are so lucky to have these people in your life, Gem. I loved watching your runs on Tangos stream(s) this past weekend. Amazing content as always.

    • @pageturner2958
      @pageturner2958 2 개월 전

      I am definitely trying to find the hidden Zedaphs in the Hermits' videos, it is fun

  • @LucasBenderChannel
    @LucasBenderChannel 2 개월 전 +183

    Okay Gem, highest compliments for the way you put this video together! With some of the other Hermits' videos, it was hard to keep up - but this was perfectly understandable, enjoyable and streamlined. It was a good idea to show some runs in full, and narrate over abbreviated others.

    • @extracheddar
      @extracheddar 2 개월 전 +14

      I agree. It also helped that gem was commenting on what she saw her mistakes were or atleast what could be improved while acknowledging that not knowing at first is part of the game which is great and makes it fun!

  • @zbigniewfretka9387
    @zbigniewfretka9387 2 개월 전

    OMG, Gem's doing SO GOOD since the first run!
    I'm amazed at how well thought your runs are. You know, what you want to do, how you want to do it. Your precision in looking for treasure, listening for card calls, and using the cards more or less to your advantage... I'm watching every video of DO2 that Hermits posts and I love your play style most so far.
    I'm truly wishing for better RNG for you, cause in my opinion - you are going places in 2 season of Decked Out.

  • @SuperHeroR
    @SuperHeroR 2 개월 전 +3

    I'm so happy you are apart of Hermitcraft. Your excitement and energy makes this so fun to watch!

  • @PlayinFoolz
    @PlayinFoolz 2 개월 전 +15

    Wow, this last run was epic Gem! After watching many other Hermits playing DO, you're definitely a serious contender for the win! Way to go, fellow Canadian :-)

  • @thatgirlfromhellthatkidnap3790

    That last run was what I'll be expecting on the sequel.This is quickly becoming my favorite movie, cuz even the spinoffs are great!

  • @skadoodlificator
    @skadoodlificator 2 개월 전 +15

    I have been excited for this all week. Not because I’m a long time fan (I’m new here), but because of how entertaining you’ve been making the other videos and streams I’ve been enjoying all week. Your excitement is so contagious

  • @redhead_bebs6709
    @redhead_bebs6709 2 개월 전 +142

    12:22 "Who could have figured that out? Not me!" -Gem said after figuring it out.

  • @2BrainCellsWriting
    @2BrainCellsWriting 2 개월 전 +1

    Your enthusiasm is infectious. And you are getting good at Decked Out - one of the contenders for the overall win in my books. Liked the movie :D

  • @ricardogranados
    @ricardogranados 2 개월 전 +1

    Great runs, you are doing better than most hermits and I think you might surprise with the standings if you get enough victory tomes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • @dohndabe3472
    @dohndabe3472 2 개월 전 +6

    gem going from almost dying to the magma in the drip stone pool to par kouring over it is peak character development

  • @Matin_M
    @Matin_M 2 개월 전

    Loved this video Gem! You did so amazing! I'm genuinely impressed at how much you improved and how many details you noticed and generally how aware of everything you were especially near the end! You're so smart! I can't wait for phase 2!!!!!! I'm so glad all of the hermits and the rest of the community are as addicted as I am to Decked Out 2. 😂

  • @Nerd704
    @Nerd704 2 개월 전 +2

    God this was so much fun. I saw most of these on stream but there's something special about watching the proper PoV. That level 2 run was so much fun!

  • @plainsarahjane1466
    @plainsarahjane1466 2 개월 전 +106

    I like that even when Gem was agreeing to let Scar get her head she had to fight back and was out maneuvering Scar. She can't contain the GeminiSlay

  • @Zeldrake
    @Zeldrake 2 개월 전 +1

    appreciate cutting out the dead air in runs a bit!! it's really neat, showing all the fun bits, with some of the waiting (like for the frost embers) cut out - very nice editing!!
    "How could anyone have figured this out??" - Gem, moments after figuring it out
    Gem is great :)

  • @andrescordoba2489
    @andrescordoba2489 2 개월 전

    I really appreciate Gem's consistent collection of berries! I find that other hermits have been passing them up for speed, but with good berry knowledge, Gem showed the benefits by tanking the pincer AND recovering to full health for a great run.

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    @syncity6517 2 개월 전 +5

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    @ChadWalber 2 개월 전

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    I also enjoy the big brother/tough baby sister dynamic you have with some of the hermits (Etho, Tango, Impulse). Y'all have great comedic timing and it makes for a lot of fun!

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    @John-Smlth 2 개월 전 +5

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    I think many of us viewers are as addicted to watching decked out content are as the hermits are to playing it. More full cuts like this for the second phase would be great!

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    @Biggestfloof 2 개월 전 +378

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      @MiloThatch420 2 개월 전 +25

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    • @Biggestfloof
      @Biggestfloof 2 개월 전 +14

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    @Mudkipz-rt8li 2 개월 전 +7

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    @martinw51 2 개월 전 +71

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    • @GeminiTayMC
      @GeminiTayMC  2 개월 전 +53

      Only cuts are in 2 of the runs where I lost and it was fully streamed. Repeat content!

    • @martinw51
      @martinw51 2 개월 전 +36

      Yeah, that’s why I am very pleased with your editing! When saying cuts in DO runs I specifically mean runs where you are in one location before the cut and in a totally different location after the cut, that gets me lost and breaks the immersion. Didn’t happen in your runs here though! Man that last run was truly a grand finale! You did so well!

    • @oldsoldier4209
      @oldsoldier4209 2 개월 전 +6

      ​@@GeminiTayMC Watching these from your POV was even more fun than watching through Tango's stream on opening day. He was so pumped for your first success, because that spot is tricky to locate. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can do once you've built up your deck a bit. 🤠👍

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    @danielgulbransen8476 2 개월 전

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    Also, congrats on getting into that trophy room.

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    I was just rewatching a reaction compilation of Grian’s legendary dodgeball victory, and you were so sincerely wholesome there (as always) that it got me thinking that we haven’t seen all that much of you two together.
    The intervention for the back of his base really made my heart glow.
    I’m calling for a collab of just you two building something pretty and fun.

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    @stephaniehall9467 2 개월 전

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    @lilabluestars85 2 개월 전

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    I loved it! And I'm hooked to watching you play DO2!

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    • @jasonolson7966
      @jasonolson7966 2 개월 전

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    @sirf1shal0t 2 개월 전

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    Yeah, you may have stumbled on some of the parkour bits, but there are also so many jumps that you made look easy!! Give yourself some credit, you did amazing!!

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    @StarshipToMars 2 개월 전

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