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Secret Life Ep.4 - Influencing an Army

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2023. 12. 04.
  • Today in secret life, I struggle in the first half with my improv skills, but make up for it in the second half by building an army to take on the ender dragon!
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    Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com and OBS
    Minecraft version 1.20
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댓글 • 968

  • @mme.veronica735
    @mme.veronica735 25 일 전 +2372

    Gem totally failed this week's task, but it seems way too hard for an "easy" task

    • @puppersissage8640
      @puppersissage8640 25 일 전 +214

      agreed cause like u cant call people by there names, and she would'nt be able to guess tasks to becuase it would be her "telling the truth"

    • @thomasbecker9676
      @thomasbecker9676 25 일 전 +238

      It was poorly-worded at best.

    • @Mnnvint
      @Mnnvint 25 일 전 +259

      Not just hard, but bad too, because there are so many potential points of disagreement ("was that true? What's even true here?") and worst of all she could have avoided it by being unsocial (basically just not talking to anyone). That's the opposite of what you want in a friendly social game!

    • @puppersissage8640
      @puppersissage8640 25 일 전 +45

      @@Mnnvint exactly like calling people by there ingame names would be "true" but then say would calling pearl Poppers be "true" cause no its not her real name but skizz has once used it so does that make it true

    • @laviniaclark9113
      @laviniaclark9113 25 일 전 +61

      Some of the tasks are way too hard. I honestly hope they do something similar to secret life again, but with more balanced tasks

  • @collicou
    @collicou 24 일 전 +321

    the glee in Bdubs' voice when Gem came and asked him to kill the dragon with an army was so funny

    • @nikolaos6083
      @nikolaos6083 24 일 전 +29

      Poor guy was freaking out LOL

    • @collicou
      @collicou 23 일 전 +32

      @@nikolaos6083 he was! Gem's army really saved him, and I hope she doesn't let him forget it ;)

  • @a1d4nnn
    @a1d4nnn 25 일 전 +1575

    I think Gem immediately failed at 1:42 because when Scott asked if he guessed Gem's task she said it *wouldn't* matter and didn't correct herself

    • @riley530
      @riley530 25 일 전 +111

      Yup. That whole conversation… meant she failed

    • @lemonZzzzs
      @lemonZzzzs 25 일 전 +264

      that task is near impossible if taken seriously and the person still actually talks without meticulously planning the few things they do intend to say.
      For example, at 1:22, Gem saw Pearl and said "Pearl," which was true... When Gem first gave the iron ingot and got a thank you, the reply was "you're welcome"--which can be debated as true, etc.
      ...almost everything said after that could likewise be argued as failures of that task. It should've been a hard task, had the organizers put much thought into it :P

    • @GeminiTayMC
      @GeminiTayMC  25 일 전 +1737

      I failed more than once, only reason i kept trying was for content. I knew I'd press fail the second i read the book

    • @PrinceOlaf
      @PrinceOlaf 25 일 전 +445

      The task should have been clearer, like "you must lie consistently for 10 minutes- reset if you respond truthfully at any point." That would allow Gem to talk normally, but once asked a direct question, she has to lie.

    • @jojoslameerrand9305
      @jojoslameerrand9305 25 일 전 +19

      she's really not good at lying lol

  • @franciscoimperial8513
    @franciscoimperial8513 25 일 전 +744

    Omg I saw Pearl’s POV before this and I fully thought convincing people to fight the dragon was your task

    • @Mnnvint
      @Mnnvint 25 일 전 +28

      I also was sure she set up the army of yellows to steal the kill from them, and that that was some kind of task. I thought that was what the meeting of all yellows was for (no one has included it in their videos that I've seen so far).

    • @propheinx2250
      @propheinx2250 21 일 전 +7

      I've watched a few and knew it wasn't her task. So I thought she was sending everyone to the End to rob them. Especially when she was saying people only come around to steal from them. I was really hoping to see Gem turn to the dark side and pull off, what might have been, the greatest heist in a Life series. Now I see it was to create more yellow names, but I think it back fired and only created red names, lol.

  • @itz_ra3
    @itz_ra3 25 일 전 +938

    TASK IDEA: Be a babysitter for the first person that you see, that is not your partner for a whole session.

    • @user-hd8ee3so7d
      @user-hd8ee3so7d 25 일 전 +6

      I like that idea

    • @kiratwo4u
      @kiratwo4u 25 일 전 +7

      that task is too obvious

    • @Rosiewarriorscats
      @Rosiewarriorscats 25 일 전 +16

      They need to be a babysitter Scar, like, he really needs it

    • @jc_art_
      @jc_art_ 25 일 전 +3

      ​@@kiratwo4uexactly it would be guessed immediately

    • @Pogulation
      @Pogulation 25 일 전 +8

      This is already kind of a task, in episode 2 Mumbo got a task to be best friends with Etho for 15 (I think it was 15) minutes, so similar to this task but you must be a babysitter/friend for less time

  • @nonsensical_nix
    @nonsensical_nix 25 일 전 +544

    Gem is chaotic. Failed the task and decided to be a menace in the best way

    • @DarylVanHumbeck
      @DarylVanHumbeck 24 일 전 +25

      I was seriously impressed by her initiative this session! Failed her first task, and gave herself a separate task that she completely succeeded at!

    • @AndiFels
      @AndiFels 23 일 전 +8

      She scares me. I'd hate to have her as an enemy. 😅

    • @Leblribrbrrq
      @Leblribrbrrq 21 일 전 +3

      @@AndiFels You can be in her army. 🎃

  • @chienduongquang8087
    @chienduongquang8087 25 일 전 +543

    In the conversation with Bdubs, for a moment there you can hear Gem brain working in overdrive to come up with a lie to that sweet man. Aww

  • @furroy
    @furroy 25 일 전 +885

    poor gem, this wasn't a hard task, it was impossible! did no one think this idea through?

    • @brady1701
      @brady1701 25 일 전 +214

      Yea it should have been for like 15 minutes and if you tell the truth you have to restart

    • @Relkond
      @Relkond 24 일 전 +19

      To be fair, seeing someone struggle with a task is half the point of the task.

    • @featherofajay4667
      @featherofajay4667 24 일 전 +67

      But not to the point of it being all but impossible.

    • @falsnamae3511
      @falsnamae3511 24 일 전 +14

      She could have quietly rerolled for a hard task. You don't need to succeed the easy task to do a hard one.

    • @dhearyzikrimuhammad_0366
      @dhearyzikrimuhammad_0366 24 일 전 +46

      @@falsnamae3511 but it's safer to fail a normal task than a hard task

  • @Nerd704
    @Nerd704 25 일 전 +489

    Gem doesn't have a task to fight the dragon but goads everyone into the end to kill the dragon creating the first reds on the server.

    • @VojtaJavora
      @VojtaJavora 25 일 전 +75

      Well, to be fair, that wasn't her fault. No one from her army died.

    • @artbunnyy
      @artbunnyy 25 일 전 +22

      As long as Jimmy is the first out again 😌

    • @Nerd704
      @Nerd704 25 일 전 +26

      As reckless as martin has been Jimmy might finally beat the curse.@@artbunnyy

    • @thomasbecker9676
      @thomasbecker9676 25 일 전 +6

      I'm okay with Martyn being first out, until he stops constantly scrolling through his toolbelt.

    • @bellyjellybean248
      @bellyjellybean248 24 일 전 +16

      Best part was that bdubs task WAS to kill the dragon, and he absolutely wasn't going to be able to until gem pearl and impulse showed up

  • @lovziedovzie
    @lovziedovzie 25 일 전 +614

    Task Idea: Transform Jimmy and Martyn’s “Dog House” into the “Cat Shack” without being caught by either of them!

  • @josephdejesus8129
    @josephdejesus8129 25 일 전 +248

    Gem really said "forget this task" this week.

  • @michaelahankins4295
    @michaelahankins4295 25 일 전 +200

    Gem: ...no...
    Scott: ...Thank you...

  • @KryptonKrits
    @KryptonKrits 25 일 전 +72

    I love how convincing Gem is. She just said Pearl and the others to fight the dragon, and they all agreed even though they knew how risky it could be. Also, we have already seen 5 am Pearl and I am really excited to see this Unhinged version of Gem :)

    • @Mnnvint
      @Mnnvint 25 일 전 +25

      Well BDubs actually had it as a task, and Pearl was compelled to do it by her task once Impulse decided to go. So it was really only Impulse who was the Improv nerd!

    • @falsnamae3511
      @falsnamae3511 24 일 전 +15

      It is easy to convince three people, when two of them are obligated by their tasks to do the request. But even managing to get one is pretty good.

  • @Kidror
    @Kidror 25 일 전 +154

    It took Gem a mere four episodes to realize you can use improv to make other players do what you want. I can't believe the two players that died in the End were two Yellows, whoopsie

  • @onionmaster2224
    @onionmaster2224 23 일 전 +34

    The fact that bdubs was getting ready to fight the ender dragon the whole session any way for his task makes this even better

  • @ColemanMulkerin
    @ColemanMulkerin 25 일 전 +125

    Scott is perhaps the best social game deducer I've seen on KRclip. I used to watch him in CaptainSparkelz' Among Us group. Nothing escapes him.

    • @PowerSpirit50
      @PowerSpirit50 24 일 전 +13

      He is vigilant

    • @martijn9568
      @martijn9568 23 일 전 +5

      It's funny how Etho is great as Among Us, but not at Secret Life.😅
      I guess it's down to the fact that the environment in Among Us is much more stable than in Secret Life.

    • @stan8479
      @stan8479 21 일 전 +2

      I also knew Scott from the Hafu lobby!

  • @bxed5942
    @bxed5942 25 일 전 +142

    I think that gem just has maxed out charisma and a maxed persuasion stat.

  • @birdd.
    @birdd. 25 일 전 +203

    Task idea: change five conversations to “do you want to get more chickens” and get people not to question why.

    • @AndiFels
      @AndiFels 23 일 전 +4

      I think that'd work on Grian the Poultry Man. 😅

  • @Braiba
    @Braiba 25 일 전 +75

    I love that what should have been a foolproof plan to create yellows somehow resulted in there being less yellows than there were to start with. This series really is just pure chaos 😂

  • @roxysamon5874
    @roxysamon5874 25 일 전 +81

    I love how Gem is just so nice about getting everyone to yellow. "I want everyone to be yellow with me" lol

    • @stan8479
      @stan8479 21 일 전 +4

      In Limited Life, they called it "Time of Yellow Peace" 😂

  • @furyflames6084
    @furyflames6084 25 일 전 +430

    Task Idea: Pretend you are a certain chicken themed vigilante for 50% of the episode

  • @tylerk1189
    @tylerk1189 25 일 전 +77

    Task Idea: For at least an hour of the session, when talking to other people, give increasingly longer delays in your responses in the conversation, as if your mic was lagging.

  • @jinxphire
    @jinxphire 25 일 전 +23

    How did Gem make it so cute to basically say "I want my friends to die." but instead says "I want them to be yellow with me!~♥"
    Sinister and adorable, that's our Gem.

  • @bleachbleachBLEACHER
    @bleachbleachBLEACHER 25 일 전 +22

    Seeing you early interaction with bdubs in his episode first then coming here to discover you weren't just being sarcastic, but were trying to fulfill a task by saying the opposite of what you meant was hilarious! I agree with you though, that was a VERY unforgiving task. I don't blame you at all for bailing on it.

  • @jamelonade16
    @jamelonade16 25 일 전 +90

    TASK IDEA: Convince someone to do the "Caves and Cliffs" achievement together

  • @bookshop7337
    @bookshop7337 24 일 전 +21

    Gem is going to be such a menace as a Red Life with a never ending string of hostile tasks, and I can't wait to see it hahaha

  • @jamesnoland7821
    @jamesnoland7821 25 일 전 +58

    That was the cutest military conscription ever! How do you manage that? Gen truly is GREAT!

  • @nummun1416
    @nummun1416 25 일 전 +37

    Task idea:
    You must make a minigame. While someone plays it, you must commentate on them like a sports commentator. If you get called out, you must try again with a different person.

    • @dbseamz
      @dbseamz 25 일 전 +13

      Imagine Tango getting this task and absolutely no one suspecting it's a task

  • @alyx9022
    @alyx9022 23 일 전 +9

    i adore how gem couldn't complete her own task so she came up with the new one of starting an army, shes committed!!!

  • @tinttiboi7197
    @tinttiboi7197 25 일 전 +63

    I think Gem and The Scotts might now be one of the Big Dogs' biggest targets because she indirectly got them on red. Not guaranteed, but a thought.

    • @deliriouscheeto
      @deliriouscheeto 25 일 전 +22

      They said they blame Lizzie for it 😆 since it was her idea to swoop in and steal the achievement

    • @stan8479
      @stan8479 21 일 전 +1

      No, it isn't her doing, not even indirectly. They chose to go to the End to get the kill last-second, they weren't recruited by Gem.

    • @samlewis6487
      @samlewis6487 18 일 전

      They got themselves on red by being dumb (said with love of course)

  • @alexlowe2054
    @alexlowe2054 23 일 전 +4

    Gem's task was way too hard for her personally, but that first conversation with BDubs has a totally different meaning once you know what it was. It's unfortunate that Gem rolled this task, since it was really hard for her. It also would have been funnier to see someone who was better at lying take the task further. Seeing BigB with this task would have been hilarious, since he's already been doing almost exactly that for the whole session. The right solution would probably have been to change the task to only be for a limited amount of time, and reset for failure. Or change it to a hard task. The relative difficulty for this task was on the same difficulty level as "ride a pig for at least half the session". Which is to say, very hard.
    Unrelated, it's funny to see how much Mumbo led the server around, even though it had absolutely nothing to do with his task. It's also insane that BDubs actually finished his task, by planting the idea in Gem's head at 4:00, which finally convinced her to help send an army through the portal. You can even hear BDubs still asking for more arrows at 12:45. Pearl only went along with it because of her task. You can hear how distressed she is at 12:16, and Gem even acknowledges that Pearl is just along for the ride. Gem also slips up and promises that she'll go with them at 14:29, which is why Pearl is so upset when Gem doesn't jump in with them. The events in this episode are so connected with so many little details. It's great.

  • @annabroomfield8319
    @annabroomfield8319 23 일 전 +9

    Gem says "c'mon army" with the same energy as when she tries to get a villager to go in a minecart

  • @spicytacomc1647
    @spicytacomc1647 25 일 전 +293

    Hard task idea: Guess what someone else's task is and complete it before they do - if they complete it first, you have to find someone else and if you guess incorrectly, you fail.

    • @saudal-mehri3307
      @saudal-mehri3307 25 일 전 +9

      so basicly be yellow

    • @spicytacomc1647
      @spicytacomc1647 25 일 전 +10

      @@saudal-mehri3307I think you misunderstand - you have to complete their task too without knowing what it is

    • @youthfulgreenbeast3851
      @youthfulgreenbeast3851 25 일 전 +6

      @@spicytacomc1647I think what they mean is it would be such a hard task that they’ll probably fail, lose 10 hearts and become yellow

    • @spicytacomc1647
      @spicytacomc1647 25 일 전

      @@youthfulgreenbeast3851 The hard tasks are supposed to be hard, amiright?

    • @SophiaMarie.27
      @SophiaMarie.27 25 일 전

      Great idea

  • @holly_dovehurricane
    @holly_dovehurricane 25 일 전 +48

    oh my goodness i love Gem’s skin!! also task idea: Put a chest full of cod in Jimmy’s base without him noticing you
    edit: chest full of fish

    • @deliriouscheeto
      @deliriouscheeto 25 일 전 +4

      Getting a chest full of cod sounds nearly impossible. Or even fully impossible since I think cods only spawn in oceans, so all they have in terms of fish is salmon...?

  • @carefulflower5017
    @carefulflower5017 25 일 전 +110

    Secret life is so fun to watch, I had a few problems with watching some of the life series, but this time I immediately watch it once its posted

    • @Athena1412
      @Athena1412 25 일 전 +1

      Me too!

    • @reeceerdman7604
      @reeceerdman7604 23 일 전 +1

      What I really like about this series is they all post at the same time once a week which makes it way easier to keep up as well

    • @carefulflower5017
      @carefulflower5017 23 일 전

      @@reeceerdman7604 yeah that is also a part I like:) its so confusing for me w other series

  • @fr0wnst3r62
    @fr0wnst3r62 23 일 전 +8

    AGHHH I LOVE GEM’S NEW SKIN!! The fanart of it is also awesome as hell since i love how people are giving it a “corrupted” kind of look (with her eye colour changing and her hand being a starry/void kind of effect)

  • @parlaptie
    @parlaptie 25 일 전 +14

    It's not necessarily an "always lie" task, I think you can technically scoot by a lot of otherwise difficult conversations by being insufferably sarcastic.
    It's still a hard task if you have to keep it up for the whole session.

  • @jiendariou1418
    @jiendariou1418 24 일 전 +6

    I think it would be better to have a task like "Tell seven lies during this session without getting called out." because always telling lies is way too hard

  • @tag75
    @tag75 25 일 전 +11

    How is that task not a HARD ONE, that seems impossible to do for anyone except bigb maybe. Also i love the new skin gem!

  • @sammoore2779
    @sammoore2779 25 일 전 +25

    Task idea: to say something nice directly to everyone on the server individually.

  • @HighPaw_
    @HighPaw_ 25 일 전 +15

    Task idea: Get at least one player to help you build a memorial to a pet you never had. Act as distraught as possible in front of green names but completely normal when only around reds and yellows

    • @mozeytown
      @mozeytown 25 일 전 +3

      *completely normal when _only_ around yellows and reds. Don't want mixed company to cause an automatic fail.

    • @HighPaw_
      @HighPaw_ 25 일 전


  • @shadowheart2210
    @shadowheart2210 24 일 전 +8

    Secret Task Idea: Do not acknowledge anyone's presence around you for at least 15 minutes, this task starts the moment you read this, (pretend you are the only one around even though there are others). Note: you can't avoid people by hiding in your base or something.

  • @spillfish4327
    @spillfish4327 23 일 전 +5

    A fun way to succeed the task without being caught would be to only speak in questions. They’re not lies because they’re not statements!

  • @Ravenlikesbooks
    @Ravenlikesbooks 24 일 전 +2

    Gem is comically bad at lying XD but the army recruitment and inadvertantly creating the first reds more than makes up for it. Plus watching her struggle to not say the truth in a series all about death and deception was hilarious 🤣

  • @_CertifiedHoodClassic
    @_CertifiedHoodClassic 23 일 전 +6


  • @fr0wnst3r62
    @fr0wnst3r62 23 일 전 +4

    Task Idea: You have to yawn in the middle of a conversation and get the other person to take offence to that. You have to do this with 3 different people successfully.

  • @thewebcamboyz
    @thewebcamboyz 24 일 전 +4

    Gem totally saved Bdub's task omg. How to teach your dragonslayer moment.

  • @brujosol
    @brujosol 24 일 전 +3

    Congrats on assembling Alpha Team to take out the dragon! Not one of your elite crew failed in their attempt to free the end!

  • @Tembershorts
    @Tembershorts 24 일 전 +4

    Jem doesn't serve the secret keeper anymore. The end portal is her new master.

  • @viacouz004
    @viacouz004 25 일 전 +14

    Gem is the Mood changer in every server! I really love you GeminiTay!

  • @DreamInSilenceYT
    @DreamInSilenceYT 24 일 전 +2

    I honestly think tasks that you have to do for the entire session either shouldn't be a thing, or should only be for 'Hard' tasks. Especially when the yellows are always out there looking for any reason to guess what you are doing. This task was virtually impossible. Great episode regardless Gem!

  • @stefansauvageonwhat-a-twis1369

    Oh that was extremely successful, the pearl butler task really lined up perfectly with your wish, so good you didnt guess it lol

  • @ContentNot
    @ContentNot 25 일 전 +8

    The whole dragon arc was actually amazing

  • @sw1ftkd147
    @sw1ftkd147 25 일 전 +28

    I feel like Gem should get as free success next week for successfully rallying an army to fight the dragon seeing as she was given an impossible task

  • @Purrfect_Werecat
    @Purrfect_Werecat 23 일 전 +3

    Seeing her perspective after knowing her task and realizing some of the things she said was trying to follow the task, makes so much sense how things turned out

  • @Pogulation
    @Pogulation 25 일 전 +7

    At 17:58 I got so excited, because that increases the likelyhood Jimmy/Timmy is out first

  • @zarnabatra2801
    @zarnabatra2801 24 일 전 +5

    Lizzie's "WhAaAaT?!" when Grian announced the red lifes tasks was everything

  • @MuttonChops24
    @MuttonChops24 24 일 전 +2

    I love that bdubs tried to convince everyone to fight the dragon and they all say no, then gem does it and they all say yes 😂

  • @theawecat27
    @theawecat27 24 일 전 +2

    gem definitely deserves to have at least a 10 hearts reward this week,, getting an impossible task and then sending the entire server to the end. i think there should be a little more wiggle room for the complete button

  • @Cathowl
    @Cathowl 25 일 전 +2

    Task suggestions:
    1. Immediately run away from everyone who asks what you're doing or why you're doing it, without answering them.
    2. Figure out someone's task and help them complete it, without ever saying their name.

  • @OCS_Studios
    @OCS_Studios 24 일 전 +2

    I know gem isn’t apart of watcher lore and I’m not sure what her character vibe is but I have a head cannon of the watchers influencing her to send people to the end to entertain them.

  • @himura-miki
    @himura-miki 24 일 전 +1

    I'm already going to watch everyone's perspectives here, and always do, it's just really hard to pick whose to watch first...
    Everyone in this episode's group has such interesting tasks!
    Impulse's *secret* task
    Pearl's butler for Impulse
    Bdubs's killing the ender dragon
    Scott's help someone complete their task (Which... he helped you fail simply by asking you and you answered truthfully, in addition to other fails)
    ...There's a whole lot going on here.

  • @jamelonade16
    @jamelonade16 25 일 전 +16

    TASK IDEA: Be very judge-mental towards everybody throughout the entire session

  • @p-puppyvoisard5652
    @p-puppyvoisard5652 25 일 전 +16

    Hard task: Everything you say must be a question for the entire session.

    • @Brontayyy
      @Brontayyy 22 일 전

      Omg that’s the best one I’ve seen so far! 😂

  • @No_Name_Provided
    @No_Name_Provided 24 일 전 +1

    This could have been a fun task. I think the point was to tell plausible lies or near truths about factual things. Things like:
    - I left it in this chest (proceeds to place ingot in chest)
    - If that were my task, I'd tell you!
    - [Ignores bDub's talk of friendship]
    - I'd love to help you kill the dragon, but I I promised Scott I'd help them build. Maybe next episode.
    Basically, pretend you're Big B (but better at lying, and a little less creepy). And if you can't think of a good lie, change the subject.

  • @samlewis6487
    @samlewis6487 18 일 전 +1

    Aww, seeing Gem say "no I don't consider you a friend" to Bdubs is actually really sweet when you realize she's lying. That's nice

  • @ohno3379
    @ohno3379 25 일 전 +21

    Task idea: punch the entire server and not get punched back by at least 5 people

  • @eloquentornot
    @eloquentornot 25 일 전 +2

    This is so exciting!! The End is free, and there are reds now! I wonder how much longer this series will last... I wonder if yellows can prevent reds from dealing damage by guessing in advance for more convoluted trap requirements?

  • @wattvolt8721
    @wattvolt8721 25 일 전 +17

    My task idea: You cannot express gratitude in any way towards other players.

  • @RebelPhoenix117
    @RebelPhoenix117 24 일 전 +2

    Gem I watched Mumbo's video immediately before yours. I knew you would eventually compliment his tree and then I saw your task... very glad to see the compliment was well after failing the task!

  • @juuuunii658
    @juuuunii658 22 일 전 +3

    Gem's task really should be like "lie x number of times, if you get called out, that lie doesn't count"

    • @red5_skywalker
      @red5_skywalker 22 일 전

      Yeah, that would have been much easier to understand and complete.

  • @lk_star4869
    @lk_star4869 22 일 전 +1

    I love that Gem being chaotic helped Bdubs with his task and it was all perfectly unplanned

  • @stormie3254
    @stormie3254 24 일 전 +3

    Gem: sees task: well, this isn’t happening,
    Time to build an army!!

  • @TromboneNinja2013
    @TromboneNinja2013 23 일 전 +1

    For future reference gem, a really helpful way to increase your chances at a task like this would be to ask questions; when someone asks for an iron for example, instead of saying no and giving away the secret, you can instead ask if they'd like it. You don't have to lie, so if you get another task like this, you might have a better time of it.

  • @2236pascropc
    @2236pascropc 22 일 전 +1

    I love that Gem basically handed BDubz his task on a silver platter 😂 He had to kill the ender dragon and NOBODY wanted to go to the end with hom and help him and randomly Gem decided to amass an army specifically for that goal, no wonder he jumped in that opportunity straight away bless him hahaha

  • @Athena1412
    @Athena1412 25 일 전 +14

    Friday is my favorite day of the week because of Secret Life! I hope this series never ends😅

  • @RobTFilms
    @RobTFilms 24 일 전 +5

    BigB is doing Gem's task most of the time :')

  • @johannalietar9462
    @johannalietar9462 24 일 전 +2

    So you're the one that pushed the server into red? Won't say I wasn't expecting it, I couldn't be more proud gem, gem is great!

  • @hotbuns6969
    @hotbuns6969 25 일 전 +4

    Gem got creepered, mentally broke and went full slay administrator 💀💀😂

  • @lasercraft32
    @lasercraft32 24 일 전 +2

    Task Idea: Go the whole session while only using caveman speak.
    (Alternative: Go the whole session while only speaking one word sentences. For example: if you need to ask someone for iron, you just say "iron?" instead of "can I have some iron?")

  • @alex_cookie
    @alex_cookie 25 일 전 +3

    The fact that gem single handedly killed 3 poeple bc she send an army into the end is now prob the reason timmy's curse is going to continue is amazing even tho shes new she knows what she doing

  • @OscarLT321
    @OscarLT321 25 일 전 +4

    The task is impossible, there are so many arguments that can argue any side (lie/not lie).
    You made the best of it, I think it did cause some interesting interactions so job done!

  • @netijenyangbudiman_
    @netijenyangbudiman_ 24 일 전 +2

    i watched bdubs pov first, i thought gem is going to reveal bdubs task but she didn't... gem somehow didn't realize her decission/plan to make an army to kill the ender dragon was a brilliant idea for bdubs to help him succeeded his task.

  • @EvesterBee
    @EvesterBee 25 일 전 +7

    Oh that was such a hard task! I think I would have done the thing and admit defeat just to have a less stressful session!

  • @LewisRichters
    @LewisRichters 25 일 전 +11

    Task Idea: You need to rhyme everything you say for the entire session.

    • @zthehuman7051
      @zthehuman7051 25 일 전 +4

      Seems actually impossible in the same way that gems task was impossible
      Either make it a hard task or give a smaller time frame (say, 45 minutes with restart potential)
      Otherwise, rhymes are great :)

  • @Esther-1
    @Esther-1 24 일 전 +1

    I want to see Gem's reaction when she realised she organised Bdubs task to kill the ender dragon.

  • @FernoFry
    @FernoFry 23 일 전 +2

    Part of the problem with some of these tasks is they dont have a clearly defined goal or end point. The session-long tasks usually result in a fail.

  • @Alnarra
    @Alnarra 23 일 전 +1

    Bless her heart, they know gem is so obscenely powerful in pvP that the only chance they have of not getting gemeni-slayed is just to continue giving her painful task :P

  • @DragonHustler
    @DragonHustler 22 일 전 +1

    I absolutely love how chaotic Gem can be...its so good

  • @SuperMatthew345
    @SuperMatthew345 23 일 전 +1

    First you open the portal, then you get an army together to fight the dragon. Honestly, you're Bdubs' angel!

  • @lukebrinson1110
    @lukebrinson1110 23 일 전 +3

    The way the dragon army wouldve been fine had no one followed the first three

  • @InterstellareKo-komi
    @InterstellareKo-komi 24 일 전 +1

    Hi! I haven't watched you for 2 years and dicided to come back to your channel to see what you've been up to and it seems that you're still doing great Minecraft video's! 💛

  • @jasonolson7966
    @jasonolson7966 22 일 전 +1

    17:53 I'm losing it at the simple "uh oh" these two eventualities have generated. Gem indirectly caused the first reds of the server, and she just offers a simple WOOPSIE!

  • @stan8479
    @stan8479 21 일 전

    Gem's interactions with Joel are always quite funny. I also love her interactions with Martyn a lot. I'd love it if one day, the three of them would team up somehow.

  • @Vares65
    @Vares65 22 일 전 +1

    The red people are going to be so powerful with the way their tasks are going to work. They are always going to have 30 hearts and will be getting lots of bonus items!

  • @andrewbloom7694
    @andrewbloom7694 24 일 전 +1

    Even though gem failed this task shes actually still easily in the running for a win. Shes got pretty close to full health, almost fully enchanted diamond gear, and she is pretty clearly the best PvPer on the server, so I expect she will last quite a bit longer than most once that starts happening. I honestly still think she will finish top 3 at least.

  • @lasercraft32
    @lasercraft32 24 일 전 +9

    OH now it all makes sense... I was wondering why Gem didn't just explain that her task was to open the End portal! I thought she just didn't realize that once the task is done you're allowed to tell people.

  • @kittyonmydesk5532
    @kittyonmydesk5532 20 일 전

    Scar needing to do opposite day
    Paired with Gem needing to lie all day
    I'm so proud of both of you wearing headpieces against the series rules 👍 Life savers! And EVERYONE KNEW who each other was!!!

  • @kittenkitsune703
    @kittenkitsune703 25 일 전 +3

    Great video Gem! I like that you're trying to introduce a bit of chaos. So on brand for yellow-name Gem.
    As a task suggestion, I thought maybe you would have to tell 3 players about a fake crazy dream you had last night where the person you're telling it to was in it and if they accuse you of lying or it being your task you have to start over with someone else.

  • @alexnemeth7439
    @alexnemeth7439 24 일 전 +1

    Task idea: be in 3 group conversations for their entire duration without saying a single word or being called out for it.